[SPIED] 2020 Corvette In Accelerate Yellow Pays a Visit to…(wait for it) McDonalds!


[SPIED] 2020 Corvette In Accelerate Yellow Pays a Visit to...(wait for it) McDonalds!

Although it may seem as though we are making a joke, it’s a fact that we’ve documented over the years the various visits that Corvette team members make to a neighborhood McDonald’s while driving Corvette prototypes. It’s one of the most American ways to grab a quick (and delicious!) lunch while almost guaranteeing the prototype will be photographed.

It was at a McDonalds restaurant in Cadillac, Michigan in October 2017 that the C8 Corvettes made their first public appearance. As it was also the first time we ever saw these Trident wheels, which were known as the “MickyD” wheels prior to the official name being released.

One of our of favorite McDonald’s sightings happened back in 2008 at the Nurburgring when the 2009 Corvette ZR1 was undergoing testing. The car was spotted at a local McDonalds after a couple engineers drove into town to pick up a sack of a “Royales with Cheese”.

And that leads us to today’s rendezvous with the Golden Arches. Earlier today we caught sight of a “Corvette_Nut” video earlier featuring a 2020 Corvette Stingray in Accelerate Yellow driving down a road in Bowling Green. After tracking down the source, we found that it’s actually part of an Instagram post featuring the Corvette going through the McDonald’s drive-thru.

Photos and the video of the Accelerate Yellow Corvette Stingray were first posted to Instagram by @brianmotorsports. Use the arrows to toggle through the related photos and video:

brianmotorsports / Instagram

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  1. Man…that is so close to “Hi-Liter” yellow.
    Perfect color for those who don’t think the car makes enough of a statement by itself.

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