[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette and Other NACTOY Finalists Discussed on Autoline TV


[VIDEO] The C8 Corvette and Other NACTOY Finalists Discussed on Autoline TV

The 2020 Corvette Stingray was named as one of the three finalists for the prestigious North American Car of the Year Award and the winner will be named Monday morning (Jan 13th) in Detroit. The all-new mid-engine Corvette does have some stiff competition as it’s facing off against the redesigned Toyota Supra and the Hyundai Sonata midsize sedan.

If you’re looking for a scouting report on the three finalists, you’ve come to the right place!

In this recent episode of Autoline This Week, host John McElroy is joined by panelists Gary Vasilash, Jeff Gilbert and Lindsay Brooke to discuss the contenders up for what is by far the most important vehicle award of the year. All four members of the panel are “NACTOY Jurors” who tested each of the cars and they all weigh in on the strengths and weaknesses of each vehicle.

After watching this episode, I am feeling pretty good about the Corvette Stingray’s chances, but that Sonata does have a ton of style and technology for a $30K vehicle so it won’t be a given. Check out the full conversation below:

From Autoline Network via YouTube:

The North American Car, Truck and Utility of the Year (NACTOY) jury comprises roughly 50 automotive journalists from the U.S. and Canada. Every year they vote on the best new cars, trucks and utility vehicles that came out in North America. Three of the NACTOY jurors join us on Autoline This Week to discuss the three cars that made it to the finalists’ list, as well as some of the cars that did not make the list. They also predict which vehicles will win the awards for best car, truck and utility.

Our Detroit Bureau Steve Burns will be live at the NACTOY award ceremony and will bring us any breaking news from the event. The North American Car, Truck, and Utility Vehicle of the Year awards will be announced on January 13, 2020, at 8 a.m. in Detroit.

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  1. The new Supra is as ugly as a mud fence..the Hyundai Sonata midsize sedan??? Really?? Just ANOTHER
    “looks like every other 4-door sedan”. NO one goes to heaven in a 4-door sedan. The C8 is in a totally different class and should beat these two “transportation cars” for NACTOY

  2. Considering looks alone it’s C8 hands-down. The Supra styling is all over the place. They had an outstanding front-end on the prototype but then some genius decided to graft on an old Subaru Impreza front-end onto it. As for the Hyundai, while I applaud the strides the company has made, after the Road and Track fiasco with the PCOTY going to the Hyundai Veloster N, I can’t see something like that happening again. Can I?

  3. They had to have the 3 most improved on the list. The C8 took 60 years to get on the list. The Explorer and Aviator were both SUVs and no one in North America want to admit they are cars only taller. The Supra is a redue, blast from past. And Sonata was for inheriting KIA Stinger improvements from a prior construction year Hyundai and Kia share enough tech to seam to be the same car on a dark night. C8 is an original and should win hands down!

  4. Yes the Corvette should win, but I’m more interested what their Doug’s score is then what these guys have to say.

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