The 2020 Corvette is One of 13 GM Vehicles to Receive the New SiriusXM 360L Programming


The 2020 Corvette is One of 13 GM Vehicles to Receive the New SiriusXM 360L Programming

While performance and exotic looks may draw customers to the new Corvette, it could very well be the Bose stereo system that owners will end up loving the most. With a total of 14 speakers in the Performance Series, Bose engineers were told explicitly not to truncate the sound after suggesting to the Corvette Team that it just created the most powerful and highest performance sound system for a sports car.

And what a better way to enjoy that sound system when it’s paired with a subscription to SiriusXM. But wait, there’s more! General Motors made the announcement today that select 2020 model years including the 2020 Corvette Stingray will receive the next generation SiriusXM 360L in-vehicle entertainment system.

Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles confirmed to the this morning that the 2020 Corvette would be one of the 13 vehicles to receive the new programming.

The new platform and easy-to-use interface delivers content via both satellite and streaming to give drivers and their passengers more than 200 live SiriusXM channels, plus the ability to make on-demand programming choices from a library of more than 10,000 hours of SiriusXM content.

“Whether on a road trip, dropping off the kids at school or on their daily commute, drivers can get more choice in entertainment with our embedded SiriusXM with 360L experience.” said Santiago Chamorro, vice president for Global Connected Services, GM. “By bringing SiriusXM with 360L to nearly 1 million drivers, we are making it easier than ever for our customers to listen to their favorite SiriusXM channels or on-demand content.”

One feature that’s available for Chevrolet drivers in the USA with a Remote Access Plan is they can set up their favorites through the myChevrolet app – even if they are not in the car – and the selections then sync to the infotainment system.

A three-month subscription to SiriusXM All Access is included for customers who purchase equipped 2020 vehicle models.

From the official press release:

The benefits of SiriusXM with 360L include:

More variety

  • More channels available to listeners, including many of SiriusXM’s exclusive streaming channels.
  • Access to 10,000 hours of on-demand SiriusXM exclusive shows, interviews, and events in the car, giving listeners more of what they want, when they want to hear it.
  • Enhanced sports play-by-play offering that makes it easier to find the listener’s favorite team when it is game time, and gives them access to the official broadcasts for more pro and college teams.

A more personalized experience

  • Smart content recommendations enable listeners to discover more of what they love, based on listening habits, and it is all served up on screen in an easy to use way.
  • Individual vehicle profiles allow multiple drivers and passengers to customize and maintain their own presets and favorites.

Ease of use

  • Dynamic user interface allows for easy navigation between satellite and streaming channels and SiriusXM On Demand content.
  • Drivers and passengers sit back and let “For You” recommendations serve up great content choices.

SiriusXM with 360L will be available on 13 Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac model year 2020 vehicles. A Connected Access plan and a SiriusXM All Access or SiriusXM Select subscription is required to experience the benefits of SiriusXM with 360L.

General Motors

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  2. All that incredible new stuff in the C8-
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