[PIC] Chevy Dealers Begin C8 Corvette Training This Week at Spring Mountain


[PIC] Chevy Dealers Are at Spring Mountain for C8 Corvette Training

Some of our good friends in the Corvette business are driving the new C8 Corvettes this week at Spring Mountain. We grabbed this pic via Instagram from Matthew Beaver of Whitmoyer Chevrolet who is at the Corvette Owner’s School for training on the C8.

Yesterday we discussed some of the specialty tools that are required to service the new C8 Corvettes. The tools are just one of the requirements for dealers to sell the new mid-engine sports car. But there is also another component of required actions for selling the 2020 Corvette and that’s the dealer training sessions at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School at Spring Mountain.

Dealers can opt to send either a C8 Corvette sales rep or both a sales rep and service technician to Spring Mountain for the C8 dealer training at the racetrack. It’s not a cheap endeavor with dealers having to pick up the cost of the training which starts at $3,500 for the cost of sending one sales specialist to Nevada.

The sales rep training officially began this week and for the next month or so, Chevrolet sales reps from across the country will be rotating in and out of the Pahrump, NV racetrack as they each receive their two-day training course. This on-track training gives real-world experience to those sales reps and it should translate into better customer service when it comes to answering questions from potential buyers.

Some of our friends out there this week in addition to Matt Beaver are Rick ‘Corvette’ Conti and Mike Davenport, aka the Louisville Chevy Dude.

We’re not sure what kind of content these dealer-based YouTubers will be able to put together while they are out there, but we are anxious to hear their follow-up reports when they get back to work.

For the general Corvette enthusiast, this time period we are in seems a bit sleeply with no real news being made. But behind the scenes, events like this tells us that it’s ‘pedal to the metal’ as Chevrolet prepares to officially begin retail Corvette production in early 2020.

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  1. Dimension Corvette C7 Corvette C8 +/- Corvette C8
    Overall Length (in.): 176.9 182.3 + 5.4
    Overall Width (in.): 73.9 76.1 + 2.2
    Coupe Overall Height (in.): 48.8 48.6 – 0.2

    Dimension Corvette C7 GS Corvette C8 +/- Corvette C8
    Overall Length (in.): 177.9 182.3 + 4.4
    Overall Width (in.): 73.9 77.4 – 1.3
    Coupe Overall Height (in.): 48.8 48.6 – 0.2

  2. I’m the present owner of a brand new C7 Corvette Stingray. I had gone to look at the new C8 Corvette which was not available in my dealership here in Tucson Arizona they had no vehicles to look at at the present time. I was looking to purchase I was not going to put a down payment on a car that I’ve never driven or I’ve never seen I just don’t do business that way I decided right then and there to purchase my C7 Corvette having been a Chevrolet owner most of my life owning several Camaros in the past and the proud owner of a C5 Corvette I was given several discounts off the purchase of my C7 Corvette the car I purchased was originally $65,000 internet price was $56,000 with a little haggling I finally purchased a car for $38,000 there are now 5,000 C7 to be sold and I’m told to Chevrolet dealerships are giving a premium discount. I have seen pictures of the C8 Corvette online I want car is aesthetically pleasing I do not care for the front end to me the car doesn’t even look like a Corvette. I made a comment to my dealership salesman car looks like a damn American Ferrari. I also hear I cannot purchase a car with a manual transmission nor can I get Chrome rims I told myself when if you think I’m going to pay $60,000 for a Corvette and not get it the way I want it equipped I would never buy the car in the first place I have heard a lot of things about the C8 Corvette which I’m not proud to hear. The C8 is advertised at $60,000 now I hear that every base model being sold by Chevrolet they are going to lose $20,000 now I hear the price of the C8 Corvette will be increased in 2021 so they’re trying to make up $20,000 and in 2021 the base Corvette is going to be $80,000 I will certainly never consider purchasing one personally I feel a C7 is a much better car I have waited for this car for a long time being I’ve been retired for some time now I have the color I have the interior color and I have my chrome rims I’m very happy with this car as I will never ever consider selling it I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors ladies and gentlemen best of luck in your finding a C7 or C8 Corvette.

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