[PIC] Brazilian Designer Renders the C8 Corvette as a Front Engine Sportscar


[PIC] C8 Corvette Was Rendered as a Front Engine Sportscar

Photo Credit: Pedro Ruperto

You knew it had to happen.

No one is ever completely satisfied with a car designer’s work.

For example, some people are wondering, what if Chevy had decided to keep the eighth-generation Corvette as a traditional front-engine model and left the mid-engine just a pipe dream?

Well, here’s one young Brazilian artist’s take on what the C8 could have looked like in that event.

Pedro Ruperto, who studied Ecodesign at Politecnico di Torino (or the Polytechnic University of Turin, Italy’s oldest technical university), put his considerable talents and imagination to work and came up with this rendering of a front-engine C8 Corvette that he recently shared on social media.

The rear end and the side views are definitely reminiscent of the C7, but with a different “Salvador Dali-like” take. You might even call it C7.5. While we aren’t completely sold on the too-small taillights, we do like the black vertical strips on each side of the bumper and the narrow horizontal red light strips between them – a creative update on the C7’s rear end.

Another neat retro feature is the small rear window that reminds us of the early C3 coupes.

We only wish we could see Ruperto’s ideas for the front end of this Corvette. Perhaps in a future post, Pedro?

@rupertodesign via autoevolution.com

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  1. Vast improvement on the C7 rear end, which probably wasn’t that difficult considering how bad the production C7 rear is.

  2. Great rendition! I’m not a fan of the new 2020 Vette, doesn’t look anything like a Vette. This would have been a really great car!

  3. Ya, how about a front end shot?! It’s damn nice, maybe GM should have waited a yr or two more?

  4. I like this much better than the C8 but the taillights definitely need to be restyled. I’d love to see what he did with the front end styling. I wish GM would have kept the front engine, long hood, short rear deck styling so the C8 would still look like a Corvette should look.

  5. All we heard for years was how the Corvette needed to be a mid-engine sports car to be world-class. Now, we finally got it and what do they want to do? Do an artist’s rendering of a front-engine car!

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