[VIDEO] Watch the 2020 Corvette’s Start-Up Screen, Driver Modes and Listen to Some Engine Revs


[VIDEO] Watch the 2020 Corvette's Start-Up Screen, Driver Modes and Listen to Some Engine Revs

Univision autos correspondent Jaime Gabaldoni shared a pretty cool video showing the start-up screen on the 2020 Corvette Stingray, as well as some tasty revs of the 495-hp LT2 V8 engine.

The start-up screen animation has been observed a few times before. Push the start button and the Corvette’s 12-inch digital dash display shows the side profile of the C8 as it morphs into the Tour Driver’s Mode.

Start Up Animation

But there was something new that caught my eye and I wasn’t sure if I had seen before. As Gabaldoni begins his video, he unlocks the car’s door using the fob, and when he opens the door, we see an animation of the C8 crossed flags that appear on the digital dash. So pretty nice that the Corvette is greeting its driver upon entry:

Crossed-Flags on Door Entry

LIke I said, maybe it’s been seen before but it feels new to me. We get to see the various Driver’s Mode as he turns the dial and ends up in Track Mode. And also like I said, you get to hear some engine revs, so enjoy!

From Jaime Gabaldoni via YouTube:

Jaime Gabaldoni / YouTube

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  1. Hmmm! Who’s able to get their hands on an early C8 and records revving the cold engine? (as evident by the color codes in the tach readout) Whoever it is. they should have the “Car Guy Card” revoked…just sayin’.

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