2020 Corvette with Z51 Plus High Wing Option Equals You Owning Two Spoilers


2020 Corvette with Z51 Plus High Wing Option Equals You Owning Two Spoilers

We caught this high wing discussion over on the Corvette Forum this morning and there seems to be some people that don’t quite understand LPO Options and how they work.

GM offers two types of options on the Chevrolet Corvette: Those that are installed at the factory are called Regular Production Options (RPOs) and those that are installed at the dealership after production are called Limited Production Options (LPOs).

A perfect illustration of this would be the High Wing LPO option on the 2020 Corvette Stingray.

The forum discussion we are referencing asks if you order the High Wing option on a 2020 Corvette Stingray with the Z51 Performance Package, will you receive two wings?

The answer of course is yes!

2020 Corvette with Z51 Plus High Wing Option Equals You Owning Two Spoilers

The wing spoiler is part of the Z51 RPO code and that wing will be installed at the factory. The Corvette will then be shipped from the factory with the Z51 Wing Spoiler installed and the LPO High Wing spoiler will be inside the car. Once your dealership receives the car, the Z51 spoiler will be removed and the High Wing Spoiler will be added in its place as part of the PDI process that preps the car for delivery.

It’s the same if your order a set of accessory wheels during the order process. The only difference is that there’s not enough room inside the car so they are shipped separately to the dealership. In the end, you wind up with two sets of wheels.

The main point is that when you order the LPO to replace an RPO, you get both items.

Back to the wing discussion for a second.

Once you have your high wing spoiler on your Corvette, you can always offer your previous Z51 Wing for sale to those that didn’t order the Stingray with the Z51 package. There will probably be a decent market for those initially before the aftermarket catches up.

A Forum member named “zcobra1” has some advice that might ensure a quick a sale of a “used” Z51 Wing Spoiler:

“Maybe best option is to order the $100 black painted spoiler and side mirror option, easier to sell a black Z51 spoiler, if so inclined….”


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  1. Anyone that ends up with the Z51 Wing (black only) that they aren’t going the use after replacing with the high wing, please let know via email. I would be interested in purchasing in. I have a C8 on order but not I’m getting the Z51 option and would like to have that spoiler (that I can not order by itself) from the kit to put on my corvette.

  2. You should see it in person. Looks even more hideous. Gives the Civic Type R a run for it’s money.

  3. Hey, maybe a great shelf to put your tools while wrenching, or a beer shelf while polishing, like my 911 Turbo that just sits and one day you notice cardboard boxes getting set on the Whale Tail

  4. Actually I’d like to just get the body colored spoiler wing that comes with the RPO Z51 option, without ordering the Z51 – just add that to the base model body. Too bad GM doesn’t offer that option. So this is a good news that I can buy the spoiler wing from someone who bought the high wing and had no use of the RPO wing 🙂

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