Current 2020 Corvette Orders Undergoing Updates to TPWs


Current 2020 Corvette Orders Undergoing Updates to TPWs

Photo Credit: Todd Wilson

Production of the new mid-engine 2020 Corvette Stingray was expected to start the week of December 2nd. But then the UAW strike happened, which pushed the earliest TPWs (Target Production Weeks) for those buyers with accepted orders back to January 20th at the earliest. Others have reported that updates to their TPWs pushed the start of their cars into February.

But now that the strike is over and the Corvette Assembly Plant has reopened, things are starting to get back to normal. After several days to assess their current situation, the Corvette team may be getting ready to make new adjustments to the current Corvette orders.

Over the last two days, we’ve heard from customers and dealers alike who have reported that current orders no longer have any Target Production Weeks attached them. Dealers are saying there are no TPWs in the order system.

This sounds like good news to us.

The Corvette Assembly Plant still has to knock out the remaining C7 orders, and plant spokesperson Rackel Bagshaw confirmed earlier this week that the plant will be down from November 18th – December 6th for C8 retooling.

If that’s the case, then perhaps we’ll see the first TPWs shifted back to December 2019. That would be fantastic news as then the strike would have only delayed the start of C8 production by just a week. Of course, the flip side is that TPWs could be moved even further into 2020 which is a very real possibility as well. Stay tuned on this and for those of you with orders, be patient!

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  1. I live in New England, have already put my C-6 in storage. If I can get my order early/mid spring I’ll be very happy. Already have a buyer for the C-6, just kind of storing it for him, for now. Please Spring in New England is Awesome in a Corvette, the C-8 will be so awesome on all these re-paved country roads. Difficult waiting but like many others not a lot we can do. It is like the Military, “Hurry Up and Wait”.

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