[SPIED] ‘Hybrid’ C8 Corvette in Camouflage Spotted Near Milford


[SPIED] 'Hybrid' C8 Corvette in Camouflage Spotted Near Milford

Today has been the story of the “third” sighting. Earlier we featured the third sighting of the High Wing spoiler. And now we have the third sighting of the rumored ‘Hybrid’ C8 Corvette.

We’re not quite sure what to think of these camouflaged C8 Corvette prototypes that are marked with special electrical plugs and switches. Rumors of a ‘Hybrid’ Corvette have been out there since GM trademarked the E-Ray and we all know that electrification will happen at some point based on GM’s stated goals.

The first pics of the ‘Hybrid’ C8s showed up in early September as engineers were doing some high-altitude testing in Colorado. That sighting gave us the best look yet at the special electrical bus connector and switch which protrude through the body panels on the front of the car:

'Hybrid' C8 Corvette

With this C8 Corvette in motion and the driver of the chase vehicle hanging back, you can’t see the connector and switch which are up on the passenger side front quarter panel. However, you can make out the other switch on these prototypes which you can see on the drivers-side rear corner of the car.

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