[VIDEO] Jay Leno Surprises A Corvette Enthusiast Battling Cancer


[VIDEO] Jay Leno Surprises A Corvette Enthusiast Battling Cancer

We told you a few weeks ago about a Corvette enthusiast who is battling terminal cancer and was surprised with a trip to Midway Chevrolet where he was among the first to sit in a new C8.

But, as Paul Harvey used to say, here’s the rest of the story – or at least another chapter.

Among the folks watching the video that recounted Larry Webb’s surprise visit to see the 2020 Corvette Stingray was another fellow car enthusiast – comedian Jay Leno.

“I got an email two weeks later from producers with Jay Leno’s Garage,” says Larry’s son, Colby.

Days later, the Webbs hopped on a private plane headed to Burbank, and that’s when Larry’s story was about to take an even more exciting – and surprising – turn.


“We get him off the plane; there’s Jay,” Colby says. “My dad looks at my wife and goes that’s Jay Leno.”

Meeting Leno wasn’t the only surprise, though.

“Jay’s not gonna call you out and let you just sit in the car,” Colby said.

Leno had arranged to have a C8 on hand so he and Larry could take it for a spin down the road. After the ride, the Webbs were then able to look at Leno’s impressive collection of cars, too.

“Jay Leno is one of the nicest people and his crew,” Colby said. “Everybody was just the nicest people ever; they took care of everything.” Colby believes the visit with Leno “will be one of the last things he thinks about.”

Best wishes to Larry and his family from Corvette Blogger, and we think it’s great that Jay Leno and his staff were so kind to a fellow Corvette enthusiast.

By the way, Colby knew that his dad had limited time after he was diagnosed with bile duct cancer in May, so he decided to try and do something special for Larry.

“He asked when is this new Corvette going to come out, and my wife said January of 2020,” Colby said. “The look in my dad’s face when it clicked, and he realized he probably was not going to see this released just floored us, it broke my heart.”

That’s what led to Colby’s original call to General Motors, who agreed to let Larry have a special visit with a 2020 Corvette at Midway Chevrolet.

“We invited all of his friends down, all the family members were down there, everybody we could call to come to see him, and see this Corvette,” said Colby, whose video of the emotional occasion has drawn thousands of views on Reddit.

“I really did think that was his final hurrah,” Colby said.

But thanks to Jay Leno, that first visit with a C8 proved to be just one of many special days for Larry.


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  1. Thanks for the great article. Unfortunately my dad, Larry Webb, passed away October 27th. He will be deeply missed but these memories will live on with me forever.

  2. Colby, I am so sorry to read this note of your Dad’s passing. I am sure he was a great Father to you and your family. He is probably cruising the skies in his own 2020 Corvette right now watching over you and your whole family. God Bless Jay and his crew for the special day he provided for Larry and your family.

  3. So sorry to hear your Dad passed away. God bless you and your family in the coming days as you mourn this very special man. I feel blessed to have been given the opportunity to write about him and his very special days with the 2020 Corvette. – Mitch

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