[VIDEO] Son Fulfills Dying Father’s Final Wish to See the 2020 Corvette in Person


[VIDEO] Son Fulfills Dying Father's Final Wish to See the 2020 Corvette in Person

By now, many enthusiasts have seen the new mid-engine Corvette up close and personal over the past few weeks.

But such access to the 2020 Stingray wasn’t already available. Here’s a heartwarming story about one of the first people outside of General Motors who was actually able to see, sit in and touch the 2020 Corvette Stingray.

His name is Larry Webb, a life-long Corvette enthusiast who sadly may not be around to actually get to ride in and drive one of the most highly anticipated vehicles in history.

Diagnosed with an aggressive type of bile duct cancer after turning 70, Larry’s time on earth is “very limited,” despite chemotherapy treatments, according to a post on Reddit by his son.

That’s when his son decided to do something extra special for his dad. He contacted General Motors and they graciously offered to give Larry a private viewing of the new Corvette at a local dealership, Midway Chevrolet – a day before the car was shown to the general public.

“This was a total surprise to my dad,” his son notes. “He knew he was going out on Friday but he didn’t know where or what for. I invited all of his friends to the event and it was amazing. They gave him a bunch of Corvette swag and a really cool (commemorative) coin that was given out to the people who attend the unveiling of the Corvette C8. He had a great time seeing all of his friends and getting a tour of the C8.”

Get ready to grab the hankies when you watch this video. We all love Corvettes, and it was great to watch Larry sitting behind the wheel of the car, smiling and listening intently to the Chevy product specialists and engineers who were explaining all the bells and whistles of the car to him. But then reality came crashing down, and we realized that barring a miracle, Larry may soon be gone.

Our best wishes to Larry and his family and a tip of the cap to General Motors and Midway Chevrolet for making the extra effort to grant this special visit with the Stingray. After all, the impressive performance and beautiful design of the new Corvette are great, but when all is said and done, it’s the passion of enthusiasts like Larry that has made the car the legend it is today.

Reddit via Motor1.com

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  1. Very nice gesture from GM to make this gentlemans dream come true. Beautiful car and beautiful loving family. God bless them all!

  2. This is why some things are special, and some things iconic… *Thank you to his son, family,friends and all of those at GM who made it possible*-Smith.

  3. Here’s hoping this night helps Larry achieve a remission and more time with a great family thanks to special people at GM and Midway Chevrolet.

  4. Thanks Mitch for writing a great article about my father and this event. He had an amazing night with the Corvette and everyone who attended. The car was amazing in person and pictures do it no justice. I really do have to thank GM for setting this up for us. It was so much fun seeing his face when he got the keys to the car. I’ll never forget that look of his. Thanks everyone!

  5. Love and kindness is the best healing of the mind when lifes weighing heavily on ones soul. You made your dad forget for a moment of the issues at hand. God bless you and your entire family….

  6. Friggen awesome!! What a great son, and family. GM deserves a big thanks too. Damn Larry, I hope you beat that lousy illness. Maybe try some high powered cannabis.

  7. Make you feel, that a car company, still has heart. Makes me proud, that I will be a part of a Company like Chevrolet. Sept.13th,2019, my order went into the company, for my C8/Z51 Orange Corvette. I’m hoping to be there as it is built. Since my stroke, soon to be 7 years ago, this will be my 70th Birthday Gift to myself. So a lot of what this story, really hit home. God bless his Dad. Prayers will be lifted up to and for his Dad.

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