QUICK SHIFTS: Corvette Racing’s Doug Fehan, Best Driver’s Car, 2009 GT1 Special Edition, SEMA Preview, Corvette Trivia and More


QUICK SHIFTS: Corvette Racing's Doug Fehan, Best Driver's Car, 2009 GT1 Special Edition, SEMA Preview, Corvette Trivia and More

Photo Credit: RepublicAuctions.com

Quick Shifts is a content feature here at CorvetteBlogger featuring links to Corvette and automotive-related stories of interest. Check out these automotive quick shifts featuring Corvette Racing’s Program Manager (much more interesting than it sounds!), Best Driver’s Car, a GT1 Championship Z06 up for grabs, Hennessey’s ZR1 racing a 720S, Special Edition Corvette Trivia, a SEMA preview featuring a widebody C2 and a 9.5L LS3-based V12, and a classic comparison test for the ages.


We start by sending you over to Auto Week where you will find an outstanding piece about Doug Fehan, the man behind Corvette Racing since 1998. He’s 71 years old now and is as hungry as ever for his team to succeed. This is a must-read for fans of the Jake team, it will give you a new appreciation for the folks behind the scenes!

Read it a AutoWeek.com

Corvette Racing's Doug Fehan


Motor Trend announced their “Best Driver’s Car” of 2019 this week and as usual, it came with some excellent content (we don’t blame you if you refuse to support these guys after last year’s ZR1 debacle)! The C8 wasn’t ready in time to compete but congratulations to our old friend, the 992 generation 911 that, took home the crown. Final rankings of the 12 contenders are just one of the many great articles and videos available from MT’s best week of the year! Don’t miss out on the world’s greatest drag race either, the Senna is incredibly fast! In his column, The Lohdown, Edward Loh talks about the BDC competition and their first test of the C8 which includes some outstanding photography of the new Stingray getting all four tires off of the ground (for real this time)!

Get the Motor Trend Lohdown here!

Motor Trend Best Drivers Car

Photo Credit: Motor Trend


Well, third gear is slightly embarrassing but Yahoo! News beat us to the punch on posting about an extremely rare Corvette for sale. One of the 17 black 2009 GT1 Championship Edition Z06s will be auctioned off in Dallas at the Republic Auction the weekend of November 22nd. A full list of the other lots can be found here; there are a few interesting ‘Vettes but don’t sleep on this Nash Metropolitan, a must for your collection (or your kid’s playroom)! We also wanted to pass along a quick warning to our loyal reader, Tony Milo, Yahoo did use the word “Rare” in their title, we know that drives you nuts!

Read Yahoo’s write-up on the GT1 Championship Z06 (complete with a link to the auction listing) here.

2009 GT1 Championship Edition Corvette Z06

Photo Credit: RepublicAuctions.com


We covered this car earlier in the month but Hennessey’s 1200HP ZR1 is back with another exciting video. This time the beast is roll racing the otherworldly McLaren 720S. As If you want to live your best, most positive life, stay clear of the comments section (a good rule to live by when dealing with YouTube). If you are one of those people who thrive on rage, keep scrolling down after you watch the video for some truly uneducated, biased (we Corvette Bloggers wouldn’t know anything about that word!), and flat out bad takes about the two cars.

From Hennessey Performance via YouTube


Corvette Trivia this week involves some typing (be sure to click the “HOW TO PLAY” button to see exactly what we are looking for in an answer). Activate your knowledge about Corvette Special Editions and see if you can name each of the 17 selections in our quiz! If you get less than 10, you should probably buy Keith’s book and put in a few all-night study sessions before next week’s trivia!

Show us what you know on Corvette Trivia #4!

2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition


Our final forward gear lets you have a sneak peek at SEMA 2019 (Starts November 5th!). The first link shows off a striking green ’67 Corvette that has undergone a surprisingly subtle widebody treatment (no tacked-on fender flares here!). Then a look at Factory Five Racing’s insane new V12 that is made by splicing together two (partial) LS3s to create a 9.5-liter monster that makes 750 HP and 775 lb/ft of torque without the aid of supercharging or turbos!

Take a look at this Hot Rod and this engine!

2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition

Photo Credit: Hot Rod Magazine


This weekend we are going to reverse one decade for one of our all-time favorite comparison tests. In 2009 Car and Driver pitted the brand new C6 ZR1 against some other members of the (then) rarified air of the 600 HP club. This is one of our favorite eras of the automobile. Each car was a reflection of the company and even the country that produced it. Today, most cars seem to be converging on similar ground but if you gave the engineers of five companies a goal of building a fast car during the late 2000’s, you would get five completely different but still modern vehicles presented to you in the end. This is a perfect comparison test to illustrate the greatness of the last decade. The ZR1s aggressors here are the Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series and its outrageous 738 lb/ft of torque, the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (fun fact: the Lambo’s V12 displaces a number near and dear to Chevy guy’s hearts, 396 cubic inches), and fellow American, Viper SRT-10.

See how it all went down at Car and Driver.

2017 Corvette Grand Sport Collector Edition

Photo Credit: Car and Driver

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