[VIDEO] On-Board Camera Captures the Corvette C8.Rs Hot Lap at Road Atlanta


[VIDEO] On-Board Camera Captures the Corvette C8.Rs Hot Lap at Road Atlanta

Although we have a previous thread from the weekend about the Corvette C8.R’s hot lap prior to the start of Petit Le Mans at Road America on Saturday morning, we wanted to make sure you saw this on-board video posted Sunday by IMSA.

Corvette Racing driver Tommy Milner had the honor of taking the new racecar out for a couple of demonstration laps. This is the first of the two which shows the C8.R taking the track prior to the Grid Walk. He would do another lap just before the start of the race as well.

The C8.R is powered by a new 5.5L naturally-aspirated V8 with DOHC and flat-plane-crankshaft that provides a wonderful new soundtrack. You’re going to want to turn this up!

The Corvette C8.R will debut at the 2020 Rolex 24 at Daytona in January.

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  1. From a powertrain engineering perspective, going flat-plane and DOHC was the right way to go. I will miss the old sound, but, if this means that our team can take it to Porsche properly next year, may the end justify the means!

  2. I can only assume the car wasn’t geared for the track and up on the rev limiter. A consequence of high revving motors…

  3. I would add this C8.R has probably been been trailered from event to event…sitting at idle with an occasional rev or two. Then gets sent out for a single lap… Not surprised it was popping and not sounding so happy… Although, previously we’ve heard the C8.R’s engine at full song in other videos…its going to be a real screamer. Can’t wait for Daytona!!!

  4. @Cecil, the lap was far from “on it”, amd terminated well before that start/finish. Demo lap only.

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