[VIDEO] Corvette C8.R Takes the Track at Petit Le Mans


[VIDEO] Corvette C8.R Takes the Track at Petit Le Mans

As the C7.R era comes to a close, Corvette Racing offered a glimpse of the future with a demonstration lap Saturday morning before the start of Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta.

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As the driver with most testing experience with the car, US-based driver Tommy Milner is behind the wheel of the Silver and Yellow No.4 C8.R as Oliver Gavin was tagged to be the starting C7.R driver for the team.

Here’s a round-up of various photos and videos posted to social media:

Getting Reading in the Team Garage:

Are those flames shooting from the exhaust?

Here’s this intro from IMSA

Gentleman, Start Your Engines!

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Hitting the Track:

Corvette Racing Partner Michelin Shares this On-Track Photo

Tommy Getting Ready!

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  1. I love the look of the C8.R. It is my favorite of the racer versions. If looks could win then the C-8 is already a winner. Now go out there and tear up that track and win!! I’ll be cheering you on to victory!

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