[POLL] Tells Us Which Model of the 2020 Corvette Stingray You Want


[POLL] Tells Us Which Model of the 2020 Corvette Stingray You Want

Now that the full line-up of 2020 Corvettes has been revealed, which version interests you the most?

Back in July, the 2020 Corvette Stingray Coupe was revealed and among its attributes was the view of the well-dressed LT2 that resides under glass behind the seats, as well as a breath-taking starting price of $59,995!

[POLL] Tells Us Which Model of the 2020 Corvette Stingray You WantE

On Wednesday, GM officially pulled the cover of the convertible version of the hotly anticipated mid-engine eighth-generation Corvette revealing a folding hardtop for the first time in the history of the nameplate.

This fancy tech only has a weight penalty of about 80 pounds over the coupe and is capable of going up or down in a swift 16 seconds. You sadly lose the engine-viewing window and will have to shill out an extra $7,500 dollars to put one in your garage, but having that unfiltered LT2 screaming directly behind your head seems like an experience that you couldn’t put a price tag on.

So, which one are you plopping down a deposit for, the Coupe (Targas are kind of convertibles too, right?) or the Convertible, fresh off of its formal release? Or perhaps you’re leaning in a different direction? Let us know by taking our poll:

Which Model of the 2020 Corvette Stingray Do You Want?

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  1. I want the C8 with the manual transmission….oh wait…that option isn’t available anymore
    OK…never mind. I will look for a good clean C7 with a 7-speed manual

  2. @Jeff Butler Came here to say this very thing. There’s still room left in the development timelines for Grand Sport, Z06, and ZR1. Let’s keep squeaky wheeling this point and we may very well get what we’re asking for. It worked for BMW customers in 2006 with the E60 M5.

  3. I think most people are going to wait and see what the Z06 has to offer and possibly a Grand Sport model. There’s no hurry the UAW workers are on strike. Sometime next year will be fine.

  4. @Jeff Butler & @ Matt Kase — Same. A MT would (among other excuses) “cost too much to develop” — and yet they have the time and $$ to put into developing this kind of frivolity? Hmmm. I doubt that a MT for a C8 would be anywhere near as complex to design and as costly to create as this gimmick.
    Every excuse that has been used for not having a MT could have been reworded a bit to become a reason not to create a folding hardtop. But the marketing department rules. They wanted the vert and not the MT, and they did everything necessary to see that it was created. It’s indeed an engineering marvel; more so (and more eye-catching) than a MT could ever be. Too bad. The serious drivers lose and the people looking to blow $7500 on glitz win.

  5. I wish people would stop whining about the C8 not having a manual trans. For the serious drivers that want to track their cars or be competitive against higher end cars, the dual clutch is the only way to go. The C8 will never have a manual transmission so just get over it.

  6. I want a C8 Convertible. I have a 78 & a 08 Pace Car. Do you know if the 2020 C8 will be the Pace Car at the 2020 Indianapolis 500? That will be the deciding factor for me in 2020.

  7. @Mako No one is suggesting that the DCT be removed from the option list. But only a tiny fraction of owners track their cars. And even for those that do, the track time is another tiny fraction of the overall miles their car will see. For 99.9% of the use case of a Corvette (ie non competitive street driving), a manual transmission makes commutes far more engaging, visceral, and downright fun to drive. And that’s what GM should be targeting–the 99%.

  8. But I GM is always targeting the 99% of those who want to use the Corvette with the DCT for commuting, not the one percent for track use. The corvette c8 will be used by the 100%.

  9. @Richard Joash Tan That’s just the thing–99% of Corvette buyers *don’t* want an automated transmission for daily commuting. The manual take rate over the life of the C7 was 25%! A full quarter of buyers wanted the manual experience, and many of them daily drive their Vette, myself included. I get why owners in congested metro areas may prefer the DCT for reasons that have nothing to do with track days. But that certainly doesn’t comprise 99% of buyers and the C7 stats demonstrate that.

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