[VIDEO] A Sinkhole Almost Claims Another Corvette


[VIDEO] A Sinkhole Almost Claims Another Corvette

Sinkhole the Sequel?

That might be a good name for this video from CapeCod.com that shows how a black C5 Corvette convertible nearly repeated history this week in Harwich, Massachusetts.

The entire world, of course, remembers how a massive sinkhole in the National Corvette Museum swallowed up eight classic Corvettes back in 2014.

Wednesday, the front end of a black convertible dropped slightly into a 15-foot-wide but not very deep sinkhole in a parking lot in Harwich. The front bumper appears to be keeping the Corvette from falling all the way into the hole, with the front wheels lodged on one side of the hole, making it impossible to extract the car by its own gas-powered means.

Eventually, the Corvette had to be rescued from its plight by firefighters and a “heavy-duty wrecker” that was able to lift it safely into the air with the use of straps attached to each wheel.

Hard to tell for sure from the video, but fortunately, this Corvette appears to have escaped its ordeal with much less damage than its eight brethren at the Bowling Green sinkhole five years ago.


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