[VIDEO] 1977 Corvette ‘Grid Car’ with Glow-In-The-Dark Stripes Inspired by the Original Tron Movie


[VIDEO] 1977 Corvette 'Grid Car' with Glow-In-The-Dark Stripes Inspired by Original Tron Movie

Corvettes from 1977 aren’t usually all that awe-inspiring, but here’s one that is definitely more eye-catching than usual.

Known as the “Grid Car,” this purple Corvette was originally designed as a showpiece mascot for a video arcade in an unnamed city. Featuring a modernistic stripe job that glows in the dark, the car sat inside the arcade to serve as the venue mascot next to the coin-operated Tron arcade game, which had debuted in 1982 and was inspired by the Disney movie “‘Tron” released the same year.

The car went into storage years ago when the arcade closed its doors, but that wasn’t the end of this unusual ’77.

We weren’t able to find out many details about the Corvette, other than electrical issues meant the interior had to be gutted and rewired, apparently by a fellow named Brian Schmidt who decided to save it for posterity.

[VIDEO] 1977 Corvette 'Grid Car' with Glow-In-The-Dark Stripes Inspired by Original Tron Movie

We are told that a two-year restoration has now been completed, and you can watch this video to get a look at the interior and exterior of this Corvette. We especially like the screen on the center of the dash, not to mention the wild striping job, of course. At one point in the video, the car is pulled into a dark garage, where the glow-in-the-dark striping really makes its appearance known, though we were a little concerned for the safety of the driver and videographer as they close the garage door with the car still running!

“I hope the world enjoys it,” Schmidt says in a YouTube post. “Even when I am still pulling in you can see the white change to blue. It’s super neat.”

What’s your opinion of this ’77 Corvette, which is definitely out of the ordinary and, dare one say, perhaps even unique?


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