Corvette Racing Has Already Won Where it Counts The Most


Corvette Racing Has Already Won Where it Counts The Most

Photo Credit: Richard Prince

As our friend Tom Stacy says, “You can’t BoP that stat!”

Referring to the Car Corrals at Petit Le Mans, he shares that fact that the Corvette Corral is sold out (has been for months) while the GTLM class-leading Porsche Corral has plenty of parking spaces still available.

So who’s winning the real race?

Addressing IMSA, We recognize that BoP isn’t a perfect science but man does it seem to be applied in very arbitrary situations. And as long as that’s the perception, there is always going to be distrust of the process when you appear to penalize one team to help another.

And yet, despite the appearance of favoritism shown this season to a certain manufacturer, Corvette fans still show up to support their team.

“Can’t BoP that stat!”

Tom Stacy / Facebook

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  1. So IMSA “gave” the manufacturer’s title to Porsche? Maybe it is past time for Corvette to try racing a mid-engine car in GTLM…anybody ever think of that?

  2. @Chuck, I assume you are being sarcastic; you know the C8.R is coming next year, right?

    And yes, Porsche has such an advantage at present that you can hook travel trailers up to them, and they’ll still pace the field!

  3. C’mon Brian, at VIR, the entire 8 car GTLM field qualified within 1.142 sec of each other on a 3.2 mile track; the race was very similar. The BoP obviously works, like it or not.

  4. It was such a fun series to watch knowing anyone could win but now Porsche outpaces the entire field by .5 to 1+ second per lap during the races. I used to really enjoyed watching all the manufacturers strategies but now unless Porsche racing wrecks or Bamber gets too aggressive, they win. The races are now to see who comes in at 3-8. BoP now means Biased on Porsche. Other manufacturers won’t be interested in joining. We may see Ford or BMW drop out. What happened to Ferrari – did they quit?

  5. Gary, Ford has already announced that this is the final year of their factory sponsored GTLM program. However, it was announced earlier in the season and had nothing to do with the BoP favoritism toward Porsche.

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