Partial List of Chevrolet Dealers Selling the New 2020 Corvette at MSRP


Partial List of Chevrolet Dealers Selling the New 2020 Corvette at MSRP

One of the comments that I see (mostly on Facebook) are those that believe all dealers are going to gouge buyers on the price of the 2020 Corvette Stingray. There are dealers that will, but we found a great list on the Corvette Forum that shows the dealers selling the next-generation Corvette at MSRP as well as those who are asking a premium over MSRP.

What’s fun for us is that they “borrowed” one of our Top Corvette Dealers lists to use as the starting point and that it still includes the links to our dealers that we have as sponsors of CorvetteBlogger. I am happy to say that all the dealers advertising on CorvetteBlogger are selling at MSRP:

The Corvette Forum’s list of Corvette dealers selling at MSRP is being updated and each day we see more and more comments about specific Corvette dealers and whether or not they are selling at MSRP. Also, some have chimed in with how many allocations they have (or have left).

There are dealers selling with “market adjustments” of up to $10,000 and honestly, I don’t know why anyone would pay a dealership a premium when they don’t have to.

I mentioned this (also on facebook) that if your local dealer is asking for money on top of the MSRP, politely tell them you will pass and then pick up the phone and call one of the big dealers that specialize in Corvette sales. Take the money you saved in paying over MSRP, add the R8C Corvette Museum Delivery, and then enjoy a fantastic delivery experience when your new Corvette is ready. Many dealers will also ship cars directly to your door, or to your local dealership as a “courtesy” delivery so you have options there as well.

And may I add one more piece of advice for those wanting to buy a new 2020 Corvette? Don’t get stressed out during the order process! You’re buying a new Corvette and it should be one of the happiest moments in your life so try to enjoy it!

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  1. I’ve talked to multiple dealers, and unfortunately, a few gave the line of “we have no choice but to mark up over MSRP”, so I won’t be doing business with them. One dealer (not even 45 mins from Bowling Green) gave me a rediculously low appraisal for my trade-in (this clown told me that “GM limited them” to only offering $2,000 for a super low mileage, perfect condition 2013 BMW M3 coupe! Who would fall for that?), but given what I have since discovered about them, I now know why they are a predatory deal away from closing their doors for good. That being said, the ones who aren’t out to take clients for a ride have been extremely helpful and professional. Not to dime people people out, but Joe Zulli at Kerbeck has been a class act, giving alot of very helpful pointers I never knew about, even going as far as telling me what red flags to look for at other dealers. I just wish I was closer to NJ to seal the deal!! Thank you, and keep up the great work, Kerbeck!!

    How was it said in “Wayne’s World”?

    “It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine…”

  2. Keith, you are absolutely correct, make the experience the best it can be, be sure to print and save all correspondence, so some day that documentation will be with the car when someone restores it 50 years from now! I did that with my 2017 Z06, I even saved stickers off seats, matts and steering wheel and other labels and attached them to sheets with text describing what they are. Some day some collector will have a field day going through all the “stuff” that’s in a very large binder.

    As for the museum delivery, they have another option. You take delivery at home and some time in the near future you arrange the reverse delivery option as I call it. You drive your car to the museum and drop it off, they go completely through the car returning it to the condition when it rolled off the line. They then put it out on the floor so you get the same museum delivery experience. I met a fella and his son who participated in this program and ii worked out perfectly for them as they were able to make the trip at their leisure without having to worry about 500 mile oil changes and the program costs less than the new car museum delivery.

  3. @mjdart, I never knew of that alternate museum option. That is awesome. Thanks for passing that along!

  4. Maybe MSRP sounds like a good deal but remember when Vettes were routinely selling for $10K off? Lots of profit in these cars – wait a year or so and save big.

  5. I can’t find a single dealer in Arizona that has not added a premium. 5K to 15K

    Any dealers in the southwest at MSRP, I’m in.

  6. It all sounds like a bunch of hoey. Dealership’s are a bunch of whores. They could care less about an individual. Just show me the profit. That’s why I didn’t buy zn IROC Z. That dealership did me a favor. I bought a 1985 Toyota Supra instead and it was the best car that I had ever bought u

  7. I work at Lupient Chevrolet in Bloomington,MN ask for Zac Lovera we are selling the C8’s at MSRP. Looking forward to helping out. Now taking orders!!

  8. We are also selling ours at MSRP here at Don Mealey Chevrolet in Clermont Florida. Just call in at 352-536-8165. And speak to any of our BDC representatives, Chris, Marcel, Daniela, and Rick.

  9. Fairway in Las Vegas is MSRP!!!
    Findlay been horrible no response I’ve gotten multiple cars and was told 10k over sticker way to treat repeat loyal customers.

  10. Lol, hey Carlos you really think a friggen Toyota was a better choice then and IROC???? Ya it sounds like you picked the right car. Nothing like comparing apples to oranges. Lol, I worked for Toyota back then and have owned 5 IROC”s, no comparison. You should stick with the Jap crap and leave the real cars to those of us that appreciate them and know what we are doing. By the way I have an awesome C6 and it eats Mustangs, Mopars and TOYOTA’s for lunch, actually I don’t even waste the time or gas on Jap crap.

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