[VIDEO] C5 Corvette Driver Loses Race to a Fiero and then Crashes into the Wall


[VIDEO] C5 Corvette Driver Loses Race to a Fiero and then Crashes into the Wall

At first this looked like an interesting race before things got out of hand.

It’s an oval race between a black C5 Corvette Z06 and a 1987 yellow Pontiac Fiero GT. At the start of the race, the Fiero appears to get a jump on the Corvette as the ‘veteran’ driver appears to be having some traction issues.

Not even halfway around the track and the C5 Corvette driver totally loses control and ends up turned around. With no chance to catch the winning Fiero, the ‘veteran’ driver puts on a sideshow display with a huge burnout and that puts him facing the right direction.

With the hammer down and rear tires spinning desperately for traction again, our ‘veteran’ driver goes hard into turn 1 as if he’s going to drift around it, but then he loses it again, this time with disastrous results.

At least he appears to be good-natured about the incident by doing a victory jump on the Z06’s fixed roof before jumping to the ground. And you know the crowd enjoyed it as well by their applause at the end.


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  1. What a stupid stunt that was by the Corvette driver. Trash your car just for fun? Try learning how to drive first.

  2. Can’t bring myself to watch this vid, pretty sure it will piss me off. And by the way, there is a reason they stopped making those joke of a car. Some people don’t deserve to own a Vette.

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