[VIDEO] The 2020 Corvette Stingrays Arrive at the Concours d’Elegance of America


[VIDEO] Torch Red and Arctic White 2020 Corvette Stingrays Arrive at the Concours d'Elegance of America

The 2020 Corvette Stingrays are now hitting various automotive shows as well as the participating in the dealer tours on each coast. The first public showing of the cars at an automotive event was this weekend as two 2020 Corvette Stingrays are in the Detroit area for the 2019 Concours d’Elegance of America.

Youtuber DtRockstar1 was there on Saturday morning as the Torch Red and Ceramic Matrix Gray 2020 Corvette Stingrays that participated in California reveal made there way onto the grass Concours field at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth, MI.

The two Stingrays can be seen driving around the parking lot and then onto the golf cart paths and eventually onto the golf course where they were put on display next to a special Chevrolet building that was erected for the purpose of housing the displays for the car.

Once the cars are parked, the removable tops are pulled and stored in the rear of the cars. With the rear hatch open and the tops off we, have a great view of both the engine compartment as well as the interior!

From DtRockstar1 on YouTube:

At the 2019 Concours d’elegance of America, or #concoursusa, we see a pair of mid-engined C8 Corvettes driving out onto the show field. This is the first public display of these cars.

H/T and Thanks to Chris for the video!

DtRockstar1 / YouTube

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  1. My disclaimer: I’m a lifelong Corvette enthusiast, currently own two; a 1980 4 speed [which means an L48 engine] and 2013 GS 6 speed manual [which means a hand built engine with dry sump], a contradiction in terms to be sure. We belong to the NCM, First State Corvette Club and the ‘No’ Club Corvette Enthusiasts. We have journeyed through 32 of the lower 48 in our Corvettes, touring Nat’l Parks, Forests and other USofA points of interest, with many trips to the NCM and Watkins Glen, having participated in 9 of the last 12 Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festivals.
    To my mind, they have been marketing and pre-selling the C8 for quite some time now; ‘spy’ videos and photos my ass, ‘staged’ and ‘leaked’ is more like it! It’s almost like 1953; the reveal to a select few dealers, and invited [high roller] guests, now dealer tours. Maybe ‘some’ within GM/Chev think the C8 is the be-all-end-all. I certainly do not. And I interpret this massive marketing effort as an act of concern by GM/Chev.
    Zora Arkus-Duntov, the God Father of the Corvette, always wanted to have a Corvette race car he could compete in at Le Mans and Sebring, et al, against Europe’s best, and win. That was his life’s focus, ambition. So we look at the 1962 Grand Sport Lightweights, the SS, all the CERVs and rear-mid engine concepts that his finger prints are on. Remember, he was a ‘racer’ before all else: two class wins in Porsches while he worked for Chevrolet; a few attempts before that in Allards; a try-out with Mercedes to be a factory driver. So he was all in for a mid-rear engine Corvette race car.
    With all due respect to ZAD, truly, rear-mid engine Corvettes are NOT, never have been, a practical, every day, Corvette. A HPDE/racing Corvette, yes! Forget taking a trip in one, as my wife and I do, anywhere from 1 week to 1 month in length.
    C5s have 24 cu ft of storage space, C6s-22.4, C7s-15 [the downsizing began], albeit, all conveniently in one place; under the hatch. C8s have a measly 12.6 cu ft total, in two areas, just enough for a flight overhead storage size bag in the frunk, and two golf bags, or the removable top, but not both, in the rear.
    I believe discontinuing the front-mid engine platform is a mistake in so many ways, and on so many different levels. Rear-mid engine Corvettes will not result in 35-40,000 unit sales year-over-year, my opinion, not even with upscale Grand Sport, Z06 and ZR1 models.
    In our neighborhood, we have more than a few ladies that drive their Vettes everywhere, to the supermarket, hair salon, etc. C5s, 6s, converts mostly, some 7s; ‘practical’ Corvettes for their life style.
    I can’t wait to see a C8 door open in a parking lot with those air scoop appendages sticking out and see what happens, even with the special hinges.
    In the two Corvette clubs we belong to, a significant majority of members, probably 95% or better, have no idea what ‘polar-moment-of-inertia’ or ‘better-turn-in’ means, let alone the feel. They own a Corvette because they’ve wanted one since their teenage years, and they now have the means to own one. They have never, nor will they ever, race their Corvette, nor participate in a HPDE event. But GM/Chev seems to be turning a blind eye to those customers.
    C8s have way, way too much technology, again, in my opinion; so much to go wrong. Heck, C5 modules are no longer avail from GM. Soon that will happen to C6s. For the DIY guys, fugedaboudit, you ‘might’ be able to do an LOF. Try getting to the air filter on a C8. Or the plugs. You most probably will have to drop the engine to do any kind of wrenching; no mention of that in any press releases or presentations.
    The C8 is for the very limited few; the HPDE & racing Corvette enthusiast, albeit, not the masses, I fear. Listening to the presentations, it was all about performance handling, in a fighter-jet like cockpit, with a partition between driver and passenger.
    What was the best selling Corvette of all generations, all years within that gen, in terms of numbers? The one with almost the lowest horsepower, but with the most usability and versatility.
    We have a Corvette branded carry-all tray we pack with our daily travel needs; cameras, hand sanitizer, tissues, detachable license plate/bracket, front windshield sun shade, the odds&ends stuff. In our 1980 and 2013 we can turn around to that carry-all tray to get whatever we need. Can’t do that in a C8, nor can you turn around to get the BIG windshield sun shade you’re gonna need!
    GM/Chev, I believe, would have been much better off making the rear-mid engine Corvette the next ZR1-Zora, and have left well enough alone with front-mid engine Corvettes for the masses. Just sayin’.
    Mike Waal
    Chestertown, MD

  2. Without going into any detail, I AGREE, the front engine Corvette has always been a winner. I always thought that the idea of a mid-engine car was to improve on front/rear balance. The current Corvette is awful close to perfection, and maybe a one or two percent improvement (if that’s been accomplished?) isn’t going to make a believer out of a lot of Corvette enthusiasts. Don’t get me wrong, the 2020 is not nearly as bad looking as I was hoping, but it is still not a “Corvette”, just a wanna be Ferrari. The styling is not Corvette! Corvette has always been a leader in this country for both style and performance and it is just hard to accept a clone type style. I hope it grows on me because I am a Corvette owner and lover, but this is a lot to accept and love, I just can’t do it yet.

  3. Guys, if you think the older models Corvette were the leaders of this country then you are totally gullible than I thought. I don’t know if you noticed or not but you see there are 30,000 were made and it is alnost out. So you tell me things that you don’t like the current Corvette is that something you can’t comprehend that it beats your current C7 which you hate. Well, if you own a C7. People always want something new and better. I always do. Change is good and it is for the better. You can’t possibly expecting 2020 C7 hahahahahaha come on it has to be a C8. For those you oldies no offense please accept the New Era which is the Young Generation to rule. Be open minded!

  4. Wow, Chris, I think you need to reread our comments.
    I read the same article about C8 sales, and two things came to mind; 1) pent up demand for the next generation. Only 18,000 C7s sold y-t-d. The norm is almost double that. Historically sales are always strong for a new gen. 2) no concrete number was provided, Chris, but 30,000 units was thrown out there. Could be less as noted by the author of the comment. But they are “almost sold out”. Who is gullible?
    I believe both front-mid engine and rear-mid engine should be produced, I thought I made that clear. Call it what ever gen you like.
    In its time, Chris, with the technology for that day, the 1979 C3 out sold every previous and future year. And, it wasn’t pent up demand for a new generation, heck, the platform was 11 years old. The making it a fastback helped big time because it became a more useful and adaptable Corvette, increased storage, about 90% were automatics, a few more other owner-friendly options. It was a Boulevard Cruiser, not an HPDE/racer Corvette for the masses, and the masses bought it.
    Let’s wait and see how the owner reviews go after it’s been in the garages for a while, and watch year-over-year sales. Those are the barometers that needs everyone’s attention.

  5. I’ll be able to work on & get parts for my 71 for quite some time. I am having a hard time finding an app to adjust my points though…

  6. Had an 07, put over 75k on it in nine years, in Pa. (no inclement weather) lotta trips Florida, South Carolina, Md. and Jersey shore. Great road car. Had a 17, less room,, nooks and small storage spaces non-existing. Nice car to drive, just not for traveling. . People will always buy Corvettes, Just feel badly for those who don’t drive then, a lot!

  7. The Corvette has always been a musle-car with style and class. An American icon among the sports cars of the world. Now it looks like every other European sports car. I don’t own a Corvette but have always had one on my wish list. I have dreamed of owning one in my later years. Now the new gen makes me lose interest in the Corvette. It finally made it to the European standard. American Sports Car no more! I’m sure the millennials will love this new gen Corvette. But Mr. Chevrolet the true car lovers of America are disappointed in you and your decision to tear down the quality standards of a classic car. For a mere European sports car look a like.

  8. Just about every GM/Chev/C8 spokes person has said the C8 is aimed at a younger audience, that the baby boomers are getting too old for Corvettes.
    What does that say about GM/Chev’s attitude toward the Corvette Enthusiasts that got Corvette to where it is today, rhetorical question. Dance with the person that brought you to the Prom, Corvette Team.
    We are in our early 70s and are NOT TOO OLD! My wife and I have zero problem getting in and out of our 1980 and 2013, as we use the assalator method; with door open, stand with ass toward/perpendicular to seat, sit down and swivel in, reverse method to get out.
    We have 152,000+ on the clock of the 1980, and are aiming to do the same with the 2013.
    No Planes, Trains or Ships, just good ole Corvette Trips.
    See the U.S. A. in your Chevrolet, Corvette that is!

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