[SPIED] It Didn’t Take Long for the Camo to Come Off on the C8 Corvette Prototypes


[SPIED] The Camo Come Off on the C8 Corvette Prototypes

Photo Credit: Adam Ellison / Facebook

Now that we have all seen the 2020 Corvette, engineers are able to shed the camo and drive the cars without the distinctive camouflage that we have come to know so well.

Our friend Adam Ellison captured this 2020 Corvette Stingray wearing a Sebring Orange exterior as it was out and about on Friday in Bowling Green, Ky.

Speaking of the camo, we spoke last night with Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles who has also been getting plenty of seat time in the new Corvette Stingray. When I mentioned the exterior camo coming off, he told me he more excited about being able to get rid of the interior camo which he described as like driving in a cave.

So expect more full-color sightings as the drivers of the Corvette prototypes will still be testing the cars all the way through the start of production/

[SPIED] It Didn't Take Long for the Camo to Comes Off on the C8 Corvette Prototypes

[SPIED] It Didn't Take Long for the Camo to Comes Off on the C8 Corvette Prototypes

The 2020 Corvettes are way more interesting when presented in full color and the ability to see the lines. And of course, this Black blade over the C8’s scoop looks great against the Sebring Orange finish.

H/T Adam Ellison!

Adam Ellison / Facebook

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  1. I am NOT a fan of the black blade on the edge of the side scoop. I think it detracts from the other all design

  2. love my c7 z06 but I’ve always been a mid-engine Lambo Ferrari fanboy so when the z06 version arrives, I’m there.

  3. @ Jeff Butler…Just in case you weren’t aware the “Blade” can be body colored per the configurator.

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