[SPIED] C8 Corvette at the Nashville Airport


[SPIED] C8 Corvette at the Nashville Airport

Nashville is usually the closest airport for the those flying in for business at the Bowling Green Assembly Plant. It’s usually an easy flight in and then it’s just a one-hour drive north on I65 to Bowling Green.

We came across this picture from the Corvette Forum showing a C8 Corvette prototype supposedly in the pick-up lane where we are assuming they are picking up a fellow GM’er who just arrived. Of course, the alternate theory is they just dropped off someone but I digress…

Although this photograph doesn’t really show anything new, it’s an interesting photo nevertheless due to the photographer looking down at it at an angle which provides us with a nice view of that center console screen that’s all lit up.

[SPIED] C8 Corvette at the Nashville Airport

Of course you know the forum is full of jokes. A forum member asked how much luggage will the passenger be bringing off the plane to which another member replied: “Travelled [sic] light, he only had a set of golf clubs.”

We can only hope!


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  1. Any idea when this was? I fly out of BNA all the time; I can’t believe I missed this!!

    On a related note, the NCM is being mum about when we can expect to see a C8 there. Does anyone have a known timeline? The gentleman at the museum who took my call back on Monday stated that he “cannot confirm or deny any timelines”, but advised that I “give them a call on Friday”.

    The tension is unbearable!

  2. In two weeks all the children’s questions will be answered . This traumatic part of life will be over and many can sleep through the night. I’m surprised some don’t require medication to this point.

  3. I’d like to know how much luggage was carried too! Just the fact that a C8 was used for airport duty makes me hopeful that the C8 will have enough room to be practical…otherwise how do we make the trips to all the racetracks “Corvette Racing” races at ??

  4. The interior view is much cleaner / sharper looking in the dark with the instrumentation lit up but what I like most is the very distinguishable lines separation the top components. I think it clearly indicates how the top stowing will be separated by sections.

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