[PIC] The C8 Corvette Showroom Tour’s Specially Designed Trailer Spotted Entering the Tustin Reveal Site


[PIC] The C8 Corvette Mobil Tour's Specially Designed Trailer Spotted Entering the Tustin Reveal Site

On Friday the Corvette Team is expected to announce the dates for the C8 Corvette’s mobile showroom dealership tour. We understand that two of these mobile showrooms, one for the East Coast and one on the West Coast, are scheduled to visit up to 125 Chevrolet dealers over the next few months.

Thanks to D’Anthony Captain-Obvious via facebook, we have what we believe is one of the first photos of the trailers that will be hauling a C8 Corvette show car from dealership to dealership.

The tour will bring a C8 Corvette and a product specialist to the dealerships where they can assist customers with how to customize their 2020 Corvettes.

Following the Reveal, the West Coast Tour will start this weekend while the East Coast tour will kick off at Kerbeck Corvette on Friday and Saturday, July 26 and 27th.

We’ll bring the full schedule once it has been officially released.

D’Anthony Captain-Obvious / Facebook

[VIDEO] C8 Corvette Teaser from the Chevrolet Dealers Meeting
Watch the C8 Corvette Reveal Here
The East Coast Reveal of the C8 Corvette is Happening at Kerbeck on July 26-27th



  1. How exciting. A picture of the transport. Did he get the transport drivers autograph ? Suspense is too much.

  2. 7/18/19… hmmm… that’s NOW, you know, TODAY

    What’s up? The reveal is this truck??

  3. Thanks Kevin. Don must be a mean old man or something. If not he surely acts the part pretty good. Poor miserable man. Go ahead Don. Let me have it.

  4. I am by far Corvettes biggest female fan I remember my first ride in my dad’s brand new 75, I was 4 yrs old. I’ve been in love with Vettes ever since.
    I’ve owned a 76 and my mint condition, low mile 74 convertible with hard and soft top, matching numbers I sadly had to sell to help pay for my dad’s medical bills . My dad has end stage Parkinson’s and I’m hoping he makes it to Oct and I am able to pick him up in the 2020 just to see the smile he will have on his face.
    Awesome job! This car is Absolutely stunning and took my breath away seeing it live tonight

  5. Sorry you had to sell your baby. I am 74 years old and drive my 2011 Z06 to work every day as a nurse. I fell in love when I saw my first 1953 Vette and have owned 4 so far. Only drive a stick so the 2020 is not in my wish book this old great grandmother still has a wild streak

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