Watch the C8 Corvette Reveal Here


Watch the C8 Corvette Reveal Here

The 2020 Corvette Reveal is almost here!

Zora’s dream to bring a mid-engine Corvette to production is about to come true and you get a front-row seat thanks to Chevrolet’s global livestream that has been 66-years in the making…

The action starts at 7:30 PDT / 10:30 EDT on Thursday, July 18th and can be viewed at

The schedule of events include Corvette video footage, a hosted preshow and then the official reveal presentation. It will be available for viewing across the globe, in all seven continents as well as available on Chevrolet’s social media channels.

The Corvette Forum has a quick primer on how to watch the C8 reveal on your TV using a Windows Laptop. We agree the best solutions are using an Amazon Firestick, Chrome cast or Apple TV which offers the ability to throw your laptop or tablet screens onto your TV. Start testing your set-up now so you’ll be ready on Thursday evening!


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  1. The people in charge sure make funny decisions. The finality of the reveal won’t be until 10:00 PT. That’s past many folks bed time in the rest of America. What makes California so special? The C8 wasn’t designed there nor will it be built there. Employees are left to watch a video at lunch tomorrow.

  2. Ok, I’m impressed. Two golf bags (huge). Under 3 seconds and under $60k. We have a winner.

  3. I pray that Corvette will never have front wheel drive nor an electric car. I am 72yrs young and I have a 2003 Corvette The best driving car that I ever drove. (Convertible)

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