Australian Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday with a Ride in a Corvette


Australian Woman Celebrates 100th Birthday with a Ride in a Corvette

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You’re never too old to enjoy a ride in a red Corvette.

Just ask an Australian woman named Lorna Craney.

To celebrate her 100th birthday, Lorna recently told the staff at the nursing home where she lives that she would like to go on a car ride around the area, her first such trip since moving to Carinity Summit Cottages five years ago.

Such a special occasion called for a special car – and a red 1969 Corvette convertible owned by nursing home volunteer John Cole just happened to be available.

You’ll notice in the photo that the classic C3 Corvette has even been changed over to right-hand drive since it’s in the Land Down Under, after all.

Cole wound up driving the birthday girl around town and up to Arthur Timms Lookout and Mount Morgan Dam in Central Queensland, Australia.

“It doesn’t matter where it is,” the smiling Lorna said. “I’m lucky to be wherever he takes me. He’s a very good driver.”

She called it a wonderful morning – “the nicest I’ve had for a long time.”

Being born in the bush near Wagga Wagga in New South Wales in 1919 means Lorna grew up using a much more sedate form of transportation, horse-drawn carriages. She also lived through the Great Depression, living with her father and grandfather before moving into a convent until she was 10.

She moved to Brisbane in her teen years and met her husband, James Craney of Mount Morgan. They eventually raised two children in Brisbane, where Lorna worked at the airport, and now their family has grown to include six grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren.

She has lived in the historic former gold mining town of Mount Morgan for 32 years, including the past five years at Carinity Summit Cottages.

Besides providing the thrilling ride in his Corvette, Cole also brought music and karaoke to help Lorna celebrate her birthday in style.

Carinity Summit Cottages tries to provide residents with special activities, according to activities officer Leeann Rolfe.

“Some residents say they would like to attend a Central Queensland Capras rugby league game in Rockhampton, one wants to play a round of golf and others want to go to the horse races,” Rolfe said.


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  1. That’s really a nice gesture, that Corvette Stingray is 50 years old, she was 50 when it was built, that’s incredible!!!

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