LEAKED AGAIN? YouTuber Says This is the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette


LEAKED AGAIN? YouTuber Says This is the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette

Photo Credit: StreetSpeed717

I was hoping that yesterday’s leak of the C8’s rear end would have been a one-and-done, and now this one is even worse. Because this image is so poor, and obvious edits have been made to erase its surroundings, we were torn on whether to run it or not. Heck, we don’t even know if it’s a picture of the real car or just a very bad rendering. But after Jalopnik picked it up and now others are running it, we’re going to give you our opinion.

Regardless on whether the image is real or fake, people make assumptions based on first impressions and a leaked low-res photo that’s been photoshopped can be detrimental to that process. Chevrolet has a vested interest in attempting to manage the perceived favorability of the car and that’s why they are spending millions of dollars on a first-rate reveal that this car demands. Those of whom we have talked with that have actually seen the real deal have told us over and over that it’s “drop-dead gorgeous” and that we will be “blown away” by it.

Understand that anything we see from the reveal will be 1000 times better looking than this low-res photoshopped pic.

The picture was shared online by YouTuber StreetSpeed717 in his latest video which has him driving around town in a C7 Corvette as he discusses the C8 Corvette in general and aspects of the rear end design which we’ve all seen by now. He claims this an actual photo of the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette.

Seeing the leaked rear photo this week was bad enough for the Corvette team. We understand a meeting was held at Bowling Green Assembly on Tuesday morning where a stern lecture was said to be given and you can bet they were reminded of the many employees who have already been fired for lesser offenses.

As much as enthusiasts want to know everything, someone like StreetSpeed717 (whom I thought Chevy has done favors for in the past like making sure he was one of the first with a ZR1) should know that rushing to be the first to share a leaked or stolen image was wrong. At some point, you have to consider what the implications are after sharing: People get fired, potential buyers lose interest, you burn a bridge that can’t be rebuilt. All for a few extra page views now. We can all wait 9 days to see the next generation Corvette unveiled in the manner befitting of 66 years of Corvette history.

Chevrolet won’t forget this. Just ask Jalopnik.

I’m not linking to his video. Just consider that my “12 minutes of extra time” gift to you.


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  1. When I was 7-8 years old, I got a sneak peek at my “big” Christmas gift for that year several days early when I was supposed to be in bed asleep. What a letdown Christmas morning for me, and of course my poor parents were positive I did not like my special gift. Hope the new ‘vette is still a surprise for the multitudes. 🙂

  2. Chuck, I cannot agree more. This is definately not cool, and horrible optics for GM’s PR team. It is because of super-accurate renderings that, at least for me, spoiled it for the C7 when it was revealed. I just feel bad for those people who literally paid tens of thousands to be at the reveal next week, because I have a feeling that they won’t see anything new.

    No disrespect to Corvette_Nut and Chazcron, they did great work no doubt, but the air of surprise has been taken out.

    But, GM has demonstrated extremely poor OPSEC with this car, especially foolishly parading the prototype through NYC. They might as well unveiled it right then and there.

    Think of how long the F-117 Nighthawk was flying until the Air Force released pics to the public (on the record, I was just 11 when the pictorial was published in Aviation Week magazine…I will never forget how amped up I was)!!!

    Either way, I still cant wait to get my hands on the C8!!

  3. Keith, very well stated! You get it and I applaud you!!! Rick Conti has had photos in his possession too, but same as you he has too much respect for the brand to reveal them (although, him releasing the photos may result in a highly prejudicial outcome). Bottom line you’re doing the right thing!!!

  4. Thanks JB, Brian and Chuck for your positive comments. I struggled mightily with whether to post or not since they first went online last night. In the end, they will be seen so I wanted to put our take on it. – Keith

  5. In my opinion, StreetSpeed717 got scammed by the “intentional misdirection” Chevy PR team. I do not believe this is the final product at all. I think it’s a false mock-up intentionally designed to throw off the voyeurs trying to peek up GM’s miniskirt.

  6. This is quite obviously a “painted” C8 mule. One of the same cars we have seen over and over again. It’s a pretty poor Photoshop job too. Nothing to see here. Just move along. Actually, maybe it’s a good thing that this image is such an obvious fake. Folks might be a lot more skeptical of such things for the next week or so.

  7. This is not the way GM wanted us to first see the car but they have been so slow to show it and with all the drama and being cute about holding off til JULY is just the kind of thing that lets this happen. Every day that goes by raises the odds that better pics will be exposed. GM is losing the mystique of the unveiling and that is a great loss for them given the incredible anticipation everyone has towards the design. I really hate it that my first look was of this blurry spy shot – I wish I had not looked at but just couldnt do it.

  8. The fuzzy pic has a lot of correct details without going into specifics. Yes the word went out yesterday and everyone was made to put the covers over their lenses on their cell phones, and I mean everyone! They’re out for blood and the IT folks are trying to trace the post back to the one who took the pic…if they do the person is toast as will be their job. I can say everyone who loves the Corvette should really enjoy the C8…It’s IMO prejudiced opinion a beautiful piece!

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