Chevy Keeps the $3,000 Loyalty Bonus for Corvette Buyers in June


Chevy Keeps $3,000 Loyalty Bonus for Corvette Buyers in June

This week is the start of a new sales month and the good news is that Chevy is keeping the rebates and incentives going for Corvette buyers.

You would think that Corvette sales are slowing down as the reveal of the next generation Corvette inches closer each day, but that’s not really the case. We learned that, unofficially, Chevy sold 1,800 new Corvettes during May which is a great number for the 7th generation sports car that’s in its last few months of production.

Kerbeck Corvette’s Dave Salvatore tells us that when you compare the average of cars per month sold in 2019 versus 2018’s average cars per month sold, Chevy is down by only 50 units a month or so. “That’s incredibly strong being this close to the end of the model run”, says Salvatore.

A good reason why sales are strong has to do with the current incentives that started in April and have been extended through the month of June. Customers can save thousands by purchasing a remaining 2018 Corvette with a 0% APR financing for 72 months or a $3,000 loyalty bonus on 2019 Corvettes.

Many dealers have already discounted their Corvette inventories and these rebates and incentives are offered on top of any discounts off of the Corvette’s MSRP.

To qualify for the loyalty bonus and special financing, you must take delivery by July 1st. See your dealer for details.

General Motors will release the official 2nd quarter 2019 Corvette sales report in early July.


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