Inventories Remain High with 9,055 Corvettes Available Nationwide


Inventories Remain High with 9,055 Corvettes Available Nationwide

Inventories of new Corvettes remain high according to the experts at

The company shows that 9,055 Corvettes are available nationwide with the Day Supply listed at 137. That’s better than the 232 Day Supply we saw back in February which is the last time the report was updated.

The industry uses the “Day Supply” numbers for calculating the number of days for dealers inventories to be completely sold based on the current rate of sales.

GM reported 3,943 Corvettes sold in 1st Quarter 2019 and 2nd quarter sales have traditionally been good for Corvette sales.

With the improving weather and new rebates/incentives available for 2019 Corvettes, we are hoping to see a bit of growth in the 2nd quarter sales numbers. But after last week’s surprise announcement that the C8 will be shown in July, we expect many enthusiasts will be riding the fence between now and 07.18.19 reveal date.

However, GM has also signaled the end of the C7 Corvette generation as well, so for those who prefer the current Corvettes over the coming mid-engine versions, it still looks like a buyers market with plenty of choices available.

We’ve heard from a couple dealers that the new incentives are bringing customers in. General Motors is hoping to spur sales of new Corvettes with either a 0% APR financing for 72 months on 2018 Corvettes or a $3,000 loyalty bonus for 2019 Corvettes. These rebates run through the end of the month and you must take delivery by then. See your dealers for details.


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