[VIDEO] Here’s the 2020 Corvette Hard Top Convertible in Chazcron’s Driveway


[VIDEO] Here's the 2020 Corvette Hard Top Convertible in Chazcron's Driveway

Over the weekend we brought you the amazing videos from Chazcron that enables a virtual walk around the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Coupe as the car is parked in his driveway. He did two views of the Corvette Coupe with the car parked out facing in and facing out which so we can imagine it from all sides.

We called the virtual experience the Coolest Thing Ever and we weren’t lying!

In this latest video, same driveway, same light rain falling, but this time a Sebring Orange Corvette Hard Top Convertible is featured. As you walk up on it, the driver’s door opens invitingly. As the engine cover lifts up, the roof has been split into two panels and is folded down behind the firewall. The engine cover closes behind it, and then…scene.

Chazcron’s work has been featured on most of the major auto blogs and news sites and he deserves all kudos for his hard work. As we are all about value here at CorvetteBlogger, we are also including two more renders he recently posted showing the C8 Coupe in Black. Hmm, we’ll have to remember these when it comes to our next Black Friday gallery.

Originally posted from Chazcron via MidEngineCorvetteForum.com:

I worked in the down-swoop from the mirror onto the door. I also cleaned up how the scoop top edge blends onto the door, based on yesterday’s new track pix, both in black, because, why not.

[VIDEO] Here's the 2020 Corvette Hard Top Convertible in Chazcron's Driveway

[VIDEO] Here's the 2020 Corvette Hard Top Convertible in Chazcron's Driveway

Why not indeed!

Like what you see here? Do you prefer the Hard Top Convertible over the Coupe or are you planning on showing off that beautiful LT2 V8? Let us know in the comments below!

Charles Cronley / YouTube

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  1. Oh yeah, beautiful video and the black coupe looks stunning…
    Keep up the good work Chaz!
    I’m kinda leaning towards a vert since I like to occassioally go topless…..

  2. Not looking too good in this faux video. I will gladly wait for the real car in July.

  3. You do an excellent job. Thanks a lot I appreciate it.
    I’ve been driving corvettes since 1966. I owned 6. I now own a C5 and a C7. I will buy a C8 ONLY if it is a convertible. Phil

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