[PICS] Kai Spande’s Rear Engine ‘Corvette’ Turns Heads at the Relay for Life Walk


[PICS] Kai Spande's Rear Engine 'Corvette' Turns Heads at the Relay for Life Walk

Photo Credit: NCM / Facebook

We recently received spy photos of a special camo wrapped, rear engine “Corvette” that was spotted Friday night in Bowling Green, Kentucky, leading teams in a local American Cancer Society Relay for Life Walk. While the “Corvette” in the photos appears to be a smaller scale version of a larger yet-to-be-revealed car, we definitely spotted a few things that give us some clues about what we will eventually see in the full-size version.

First, the engine is in the rear of the car, which apparently maximizes the driver’s limited legroom and though a set of golf clubs is out of the question, possibly provides room for a short putter in the forward storage compartment. Second, the crossed flag emblem on this “Corvette” is the current C7 emblem.

This was confusing at first, but once we had all put our heads together, we deduced that while the C8 is going to be a mid-engine car, there must also be a yet-to-be-revealed C7 rear-engine car. Or, is it simply be a diversionary tactic? And finally, we’re almost certain that this camo pattern is not a wrap at all, but an all-new paint offering that will be available in the very near future. We all know that GM didn’t invest millions in a new paint shop just so they could continue to paint the same colors they always paint.

Camo Wrapped Rear Engine 'Corvette' Turns Heads at the Relay for Life Walk

Now, if you look closely, you might notice that the driver in the pink shirt is none other than Plant Manager, Kai Spande! We caught up with Kai today, and while all we received about a possible rear-engine Corvette was the standard, “I cannot comment on future product offerings,” we did learn that Kai was using the camo’d prototype to help raise support for the American Cancer Society through their local Relay for Life Walk. We also learned that, while the actual relay is still to come, Corvette Plant personnel have already helped raise more than $6,000 for the cause!

If you would like to donate to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life on behalf of “Team Corvette UAW/General Motors,” click here, enter “Corvette” in the search field, and select “Team Corvette UAW/General Motors.” Join the ACS as they lead the fight for a world without cancer!

Camo Wrapped Rear Engine 'Corvette' Turns Heads at the Relay for Life Walk

National Corvette Museum / Facebook

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