[PIC] Rendered C8 Mid-Engine Corvette with the Targa Top Removed


[PIC] Rendered C8 Mid-Engine Corvette with the Targa Top Removed

I’ve been meaning to post this excellent new C8 render from Chazcron and the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com since last week when the photo was first posted.

In the photo, Chazcron popped the Targa top out and added some details including red leather seats and a glimpse of the area behind them.

Chevrolet has been producing Corvettes with a one-piece removable roof panel since 1984, and prior to that, all 1968-1982 Corvettes were produced with removable t-tops. In the later models Chevy figured out a way to stow the tops inside the car and so we have to figure that this will be the case with the C8 Corvette.

Spy shots have identified the roof-lines for the Targa top and we figure the removal operation will be straight forward like the C7s. But it’s the storage aspects we’re still trying to figure out.

The three areas it could be stored in the C8 are the front trunk (frucnk!), a storage area between the engine and the rear fascia, or behind the seats. I doubt the frunck is large enough and that’s probably the same with any storage area in the rear hatch. The best bet would be storing it vertically behind the seats in a manner so that it couldn’t get scratched.

Here’s another version of the render with the MickyD wheels and a dark interior:

[PIC] Rendered C8 Mid-Engine Corvette with the Targa Top Removed

I think Chazcron’s latest render has reached some people who have been on the fence so to speak about the prospects of the Corvette moving to the mid-engine platform. If you are one of those who suddenly has taken an interest, let us know in the comments below!

Chazcron / MidEngineCorvetteForum.com

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  1. I’m a life long Corvette enthusiast, that’s my disclaimer.
    Have to say every time I view a rendering of the mid-rear engine Corvette all I see is a mid-rear engine Ferrari/Lambo of some type.
    Same thing happened when the C7 came out…..
    A super car at a Chevy price.
    Pull up to a gas station and people will say, inevitably: ‘Cool lookin’ Ferrari?’ ‘Like your Lamborghini?’
    Maybe it is just the limitations-of-design that a mid-rear engine vehicle can be enveloped in.
    My hope is that a front engine Corvette continues some how, some way.
    And I truly cannot envision the C8 being a long trip cruiser, ‘Seeing the USA in a Chevrolet’ mid-rear engine Corvette.

  2. I am a lifelong Corvette-a-holic too, but this is simply the next step. Zora Arkus-Duntov continually advocated for a ME platform. As long as the car retains the small block V8, I’ll be happy. Alot of us will.

    These renders are first class. The only bad thing about them is that, just like the C7, they are so good that the wow factor will be dulled out at the formal unveil. I reckon that is a good problem to have.

    I look forward to getting my hands on the C8, all while restoring my beloved 1977!!

  3. Well, the needle still hasn’t moved from front engine to mid engine. Many of the recent renders are beautiful. But, they don’t say “Corvette” to me. I showed my 10 year old daughter the new pic, not telling her what it was, she said it was ugly. I bought my C7 knowing full well it may be the last of the breed, so to speak. That’s why I bought it. The C8 is beautiful. But it doesn’t look like a Corvette.

    Any chance the versions on the road, with different wheels, or the one that sounded like a twin turbo V-6 on “The Ring” are Cadillacs? We all saw that key fob. And the higher ups at Cadillac claim those engines would not be going to any other GM cars… Just an idea…

  4. Heres my take…..for what its worth…..the C7 was the only Corvette that hit me in the same way as the first time I saw a 63 Sting Ray (at age 10)……it was revolutionary in design……as extraordinary as the midyear……and the upcoming midengine is Zora Duntovs dream…..I don’t think Mark Reuss will let us down…..the C7 was his baby and in my opinion he hit a grand slam, out of the park…….so lets see what ace he has up his sleeve.

  5. I was pretty hard on the C8 design when it first came out, but I’m getting excited for it now. Though every time I walk up to my 2016 Z51 Stingray coupe, black over red, I still say, “Holy crap!”

  6. A little Doom & Gloom my Corvette friends.
    Back in 1970 when I returned from Vietnam all I wanted
    was a Corvette. I bought a 1967 yellow coupe with white interior.
    Well, there was no crystal ball in my life, so I somehow got rid of the car.
    I never forgot that babe… fast forward to 2017, I again bought a Corvette, this time a 2014 yellow
    coupe, gray interior (I love it).
    What I’m getting at and not to offend anyone, besides coming up on 71 and losing the desire for a lot of things. There is something about these C8’s that has taken away my desire to ever have a Corvette again.
    Somebody let me know, why did Zora or Corvette so badly want a mid-engine car?

  7. I believe that the age of mid-engine sports cars has come and gone. But I suppose there are enough young people with money to buy things just for the sake of “getting one”. As far as I’m concerned, the Luxury end of the Corvette has never been explored – to a fault. And I’m sure there will be plenty of Non-Luxury issues to contend with in the C8 package. Cabin Noise. Roominess. Comfort Touring option for ride. All in the name of performance VS creature comforts. I’ll take a current Lexus LC500 anyday. Even if it doesn’t look like an Iconic Corvette. GM forgot that not every “Corvette Dreamer” was and is 100% IN on owning a street legal Race Car. There was a time when Corvette was meant to be a Futuristic Dream Machine. Not a Track Monster.

  8. Love these renders. I’m not a Corvette owner. I very well could be. I like the Italian look. I liked it on the C6 and C7, too but this one is full on Italian. I think for those wanting an all American look, the 2021 Viper will be a better fit. Their stayed mission is to take on the C8 and be a daily.

  9. Breathe taking. If it actually looks this good, sign me up. I’ve had 21 Vets so far and although accumulating a lot of years under my belt, (too old for golf and too much arthritis) my desire burns for one of these with at least 600 hp. Track time will be so much fun.
    The car should rotate much more easily and hopefully have coil overs in the rear instead of the transverse leaf which will help on corner exits.

  10. Jon Forget, I 2nd that emotion. I was 11 when I saw the local Chevrolet dealer bringing his son to school in a brand new red ’63 Split Window Coupe. I think I peed my pants. I liked all of the mid 60’s and even some during the 70’s but was totally turned off to Corvettes during the mid 80’s thru 90’s wedge of cheese style and look. Boring! The 2014 changed all that and seeing the first one was akin to seeing that first ’63. I vowed to get one and a year ago I took possession of a 2018 Grand Sport in Long Beach Red Metallic with gray racing strips and the 7 speed manual. Black interior, of course. I absolutely adore it. Not really a big fan of the C-8 for many of the same reasons stated above, but, JRD, here is why Zora and Corvette want a mid engine. The rivalry between Ford and Chevrolet is REAL and the fact of the matter is, Ford has been kicking their ass ever since they came out with the Ford GT40 mid engine in ’65. Corvette is still coming in 2nd to them and they are sick of it. It’s a matter of weight distribution and a mid engine Corvette is the ONLY way Chevy has a chance of beating Ford. That’s my opinion, anyway.

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