[PIC] Daytona App Leaks Details of the 2019 Corvette Grand Sport Drivers Series Special Edition


[PIC] Daytona App Leaks Details of the 2019 Corvette Grand Sport Drivers Series Special Edition

We received a message from a friend this morning who alerted us to a photo of the new 2019 Corvette Special Editions that will be revealed on Friday at the Rolex 24. And with that leaked photo, we now know why there are four special edition 2019 Corvette Grand Sports headed to Daytona. The truth of the matter is that Chevy has been hiding them in plain sight at Daytona since the Roar.

The new 2019 Corvette Grand Sport Drivers Series features the four Corvette Racing drivers Oliver Gavin, Jan Magnussen, Tommy Milner and Antonio Garcia who each got to select an exterior color theme to make their own Drivers Series edition:

  • Shadow Gray with red hood vent and red stinger graphic*
  • Arctic White with Long Beach Red full-length body stripe
  • Elkhart Lake Blue with Silver full-length body stripe
  • Corvette Racing Yellow with Black stinger graphic

*Initially I listed the color as Black but I believe it is Shadow Gray.

Here’s the full graphic from the Daytona International Speedway App:

2019 Corvette Grand Sport Drivers Series

The graphic shows that the Grand Sport Driver’s Series features “All Corvette Grand Sport Equipment” which probably means the cars can only be ordered with the 3LT Equipment Package which is typical for a Corvette Special Edition. One other feature mentioned is a Commemorative Interior Plaque. These Driver’s Editions also seem set up for a signature on the console so we’ll find out on Friday if that’s included.

As I mentioned, Chevy was hiding these new Special Editions in plain sight. Here are three of them parked outside the Chevrolet Experience Center at the Roar Before the 24. The Experience Center wasn’t open during the Roar but I did manage to shoot these photos through the fence:

2019 Corvette Grand Sport Drivers Series Special Editions

2019 Corvette Grand Sport Drivers Series Special Editions

Looks like the only one not accounted for in these photos is the Shadow Gray and Red “Oliver Gavin” Special!

The reveal of the 2019 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe Drivers Series Special Edition is set for Friday at 11:30am at the Chevrolet Experience Center in Daytona’s infield. We’ll be there covering the action and will bring you the latest as soon as we can!

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  1. wow, they never fail to disappoint me. Hey Jim Campbell- Why not the Gray car with the Orange roll bar?

  2. I agree with Rusty, because I was hoping for at least 1 light weight n/a track type car with appropriate aero and suspension.

  3. They all look ugly! My Admiral blue GS with red stripes on the fenders looks fine to me. That’s the way I ordered it; not overdone. All of the examples are too much.

  4. Wow they added a sticker package (again) to a Corvette and will charge 5k more. If GM wants to make a Special Edition, than how about making it “Special”. There is so much they can do to the Grand Sport, but decide to add decals to the car. Other brands will make real changes to the car to make it special and more desirable. It’s just GM milking C7 a little longer and trying to make a little more $$$ out of it. I wish they would just do the release of the C8 already.

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