[SPIED] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype Driving on Snowy Roads


[SPIED] C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype Driving on Snowy Roads

Here is a new video uploaded on Monday showing the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette driving along a snow-lined road in what we think is probably the Detroit area. The camera holder is actually in a truck in front of the ME and is looking back to capture it.

There’s a bit of salty language and I promise this woman’s laugh at the end will haunt your dreams.

Ever since Corvette engineers began driving the MEs around the Detroit area, we’ve been taken aback by how different the cars look compared to what we saw at the Nurburgring. It looks like they have grafted a new fascia onto the front and then wrapped it in place with which is why it appears to have a lip around the edges. I don’t believe that front end is the real deal at all and is there just to change the basic look until the car is officially revealed.

The camera angle is interesting as it shows the side air intake scoops from the front. Once the car gets closer to the camera, we also see what looks to be lip spoiler on the rear deck as well.

Previous spy videos capturing the C8s usually showed a chase vehicle that was with the engineers when testing. But I’m not seeing one here so perhaps this lone ME is being driven by one of the engineers back and forth to various GM locations. Sooner than later, I hope to see more MEs out on the road in these solo excursions and as the frequency of sightings increase, that will be a good indicator that the program is continuing full-speed ahead!

Corvette Nut / YouTube

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