[SPIED] Another C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype Spotted Tonight in Detroit


[SPIED] Another C8 Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype Spotted Tonight in Detroit

Another C8 Mid-Engine Corvette sighting in the Detroit area this evening! Whew! I am about spent from all the C8 news today surrounding the first interior photos and now we see the 2020 Corvette with its headlights brightly illuminated as it heads down the highway.

I heard there was a new C8 sighting tonight and I’ve since learned that it comes from our friends at Pasteiners Auto Zone in Birmingham, MI.

Steve Pasteiner was one of the guys behind those AAT 50th Anniversary Corvette conversions that featured the C5s reworked to look like the original 1953s. I featured his 50th Anniversary Editions and his personal Nomad Corvette in my book on Corvette Special Editions.

Here’s the pic that was posted tonight on Instagram. Not the best resolution due to the light but still you get a good look at it. Interesting how the team uses both lighter and darker shades of the camo wrapping to make your eyes think they are deceiving you. We see the headlights are on but unfortunately, the view is not good enough to give any of the render gurus at the MidEngineCorvetteForum.com any more insight into that design.

The Instagram post says the car was spotted at I-75 and University Drive during rush hour traffic. That means there may be other photos at there so let us know if you see any!

Pasteiners Auto Zone / Instagram

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  1. That had better be some kind of a faux scoop tacked on to deceive everyone or this
    thing’s ass-end is gonna be even more hideous than anybody could have imagined!

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