[VIDEO] Mobil 1 The Grid Presents Training Day at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School


[VIDEO] Mobil 1 The Grid Presents Training Day at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School

Our friends at Mobil 1 The Grid are sharing a great new video on Chevrolet’s official driving school for Corvette owners at Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club.

Spring Mountain is the home of the Corvette owners school and with the purchase of a new Corvette you received a heavily discounted rate to take the course at the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. Each year, over 4,000 Corvette owners come to the facility in Nevada to take the two-day course which aims to provide students with the skills to not only learn how to get more out of their Corvettes but also boost the confidence in their own driving abilities.

Every C7 Corvette offered by Chevrolet from the Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06 and the ZR1 has an owner’s course dedicated to that car.

Corvette racing legend Ron Fellows and head instructor Rick Malone break down what you learn at the two-day driving school. Mobil 1 The Grid talks to students taking the course while also offering a great behind-the-scenes look at the facility and what it takes to maintain a fleet of over 100 Corvettes

If you have purchased a new Corvette in the last year, you really owe it to yourself to take the Corvette Owner’s School at Spring Mountain. The two-day schools start at just $1,000 with a valid VIN. Call 800-831-6891 to schedule your session today!

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