Owners Tell Us What They Named Their Corvettes on National Name Your Car Day


Owners Tell Us What they Named Their Corvettes on National Name Your Car Day

Have you named your Corvette? Today is “National Name Your Car Day” which is a holiday we can totally behind.

With the amount of time and attention that Corvette owners put into coming up with Corvette vanity plates, we knew that some of you out there would also some clever names for their Corvettes as well. So last Friday we asked in a poll about naming your Corvettes and you responded overwhelmingly!

In that poll, we asked if you have ever named your Corvette. A total of 113 votes were received with 72% of you saying yes, your Corvette has a name!

Not only that but many of you told us the names of your Corvettes as well. Many of the names seem to address the color of the Corvette. Rusty’s Yellow ’93 is called OLD YELLER, several Black Corvettes earned names of MENACE, ELVIRA, and BEASTIE, and we have a couple of owners who call their cars SPICEY due to having a C7 with a Spice Red interior.

Wayne gave his car a first and last name which he calls CORA VETTE, as did Joe whose 1989 Corvette is named “BETTY CORVETTIE”. And finally, a couple of readers told us that they also call their Corvettes “BABY”, the same name I have given to my 1966 Corvette. I also appreciate them letting me know that it’s perfectly acceptable to wish your baby a good night before closing the garage door for the evening.

This blog post was inspired by the GM BuyPower Card and their survey of 1,276 licensed drivers across the country. The GM rewards card asked them about naming their vehicles. Over 42% of US car owners responded that they name their cars and 82% of those drivers said they share that name freely with family and friends!

Here are some fun facts that the GM BuyPower Card survey revealed:

  • Women are 7% more likely than men to name their vehicles
  • 55% of respondents personify vehicles as female
  • 56% believe that a car’s personality, make and model, and color influence the vehicle’s name
  • 78% of drivers who name their car know someone else who has named their car too
  • 6% of all car names are Betsy and Betty,
  • 66% of the vehicles on the road are at least 5 years old
  • 51% of drivers estimate that they spend at least $1,000 per year toward their vehicle (this includes maintenance and aftermarket upgrades)
  • Over 60% of drivers are seeking to upgrade their wheels within the next three years
  • 73% of drivers still prefer to buy cars from dealerships

For those of you that haven’t named your Corvettes, does seeing how some other Corvette owners are having fun with it have you thinking up a good name for your car?

Still need help? Visit the Car Name Generator and see if you can come up with one that fits your Corvette!

GM BuyPower Card

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