NCM Motorsports Park Offering Coaching Sessions by Corvette Hall of Fame Racer Andy Pilgrim


NCM Motorsports Park Offering Coaching Sessions by Corvette Hall of Fame Racer Andy Pilgrim

If you were a football player, wouldn’t you like to be coached by someone like Nick Saban or Kirby Smart?

Well, if you’re a Corvette enthusiast, how would you like to be coached by a professional race car driver and Corvette Hall of Fame member?

Here’s your opportunity to do just that as legendary driver Andy Pilgrim is offering his unique teaching abilities through two programs at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park.

The best part is there are programs for every size pocketbook.

The first program is called The Psychology of Speed, in which Andy aims to get drivers into the right performance mindset by providing them the tools to get quicker.

Topics in the highly customizable program include mental preparation, tire/chassis analysis, managing horsepower, aero vs. mechanical grip, to trail brake or not to trail brake, virtual track walk, and a Q/A session.

You can come up with your own class lengths, dates, and times, and Andy says there is no hard set, cookie-cutter curriculum. Depending on what the driver wants to accomplish, the cost ranges from $250 to $500 per person.

You can register at

Then there is the more in-depth Coaching With Andy Pilgrim program, where groups and individuals have private coaching sessions with Andy.

Included with this program are private on-track time at the Motorsports Park, the very important track walk (using vehicles), face-to-face session downloads, off-track driving exercises in the park’s expansive paddock, VBOX data analysis between your data and Andy using the same car, and data stick to bring home. Sessions, held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT, include lunch, and if you go for the two-day program, you can even have dinner with Andy after the first day.

The cost isn’t cheap, but considering you’re receiving training and advice from one of the best drivers in the world, it’s really a bargain.

Individual sessions (up to two drivers) are $3,000 for One Day In Your Car, $5,000 for Two Days in Your Car, $6,000 for One Day in Our Car, $11,000 for Two Days in Our Car, and $10,000 for Group Session/One Day in Your Cars.

NCM Motorsports Park Offering Coaching Sessions by Corvette Hall of Fame Racer Andy Pilgrm

The programs are already drawing praise from participants.

One-on-one student Spencer advanced from a beginner group student to a quick and smooth advanced group driver after only one day with Andy. “I had a great time working with Andy,” Spencer said. “I beat my best time by almost 14 seconds and learned so much in only one day. It’s just an amazing value!”

Another participant, Carter, praised Andy for his “wealth of knowledge on this topic” and says the use of the data collected from track sessions was extremely educational because of the way Andy explained the data, leading to better lap times. “I feel I learned a lot just by listening to what he had to say,” Carter says, “and he also showed me how to execute.”

Track day insurance and photo opportunities are available, too. To book a coaching session, contact Matt Busby at 270-467-8802 or email [email protected].

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