Corvette ZR1 Sets Track Record at the NCM Motorsports Park


Corvette ZR1 Sets Track Record at the NCM Motorsports Park

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Another race track, another record falls.

If there is one track record that should be held by the 2019 Corvette ZR1, that would be its “home track” at the National Corvette Museum’s NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, KY.

And thanks to the NCM’s new ace driver Andy Pilgrim who is also a Corvette Hall of Fame racer, the new production car track record for the NCM Motorsports Park full 3.15-mile Grand Full Course was set by a Corvette Racing Yellow Corvette ZR1 with a time of 2:05.59!

Pilgrim said “I knew the new ZR1 was quick from my first drive at the Media Launch at Road Atlanta. Setting a production car lap record on OE tires at MSP by turning a 2:05.59 lap, let me know just how quick. The ZR1 is an amazingly capable track car and phenomenal bang for the buck.”

We searched for the fastest lap at the NCMMSP prior to this, but found most of the track times listed on are for the 2.87 mile “Grand Max Straight” configuration.

Corvette ZR1 Sets Track Record at the NCM Motorsports Park

In the email from the NCM, they claim the Corvette ZR1’s lap will be the start of a series of production car lap times for the longer and more challenging “Grand Full” course.

However, seeing that a Viper ACR has the top time on the “Grand Max Straight” with the top time of 1:58.14 while a C7 Z06 is listed second and just .11 of a second behind, we’d like to see Andy take down that record as well.

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  1. The new ZR1 is an impressive car, but as you write, it was running on its home track.

    Any update on the timing of the C8 release?

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