[VIDEO] A Texas-Sized Pothole Caused $800 Damage to a Man’s C6 Corvette


[VIDEO] Man Complains to City After a Pothole Causes $800 Damage to his C6 Corvette

A new horror flick is in the works in Brownsville, Texas.

The working title is “The Killer Pothole That Ate My Corvette!”

Brownsville’s Rolando Lozano has filed a complaint with the city after he says his C6 Corvette was damaged when he hit a large pothole.

“I didn’t notice that pothole that was there,” Lozano said, standing with the huge hole in the background as he talked to Channel 5 News reporter Daisy Martinez.

“I was coming at 4, 5 miles per hour tops,” he said. “You can see the road has a little hump so there was no way I could see over that and I hit that pothole. My car just sank all the way down.”

[VIDEO] This Texas-Sized Pothole Caused $800 Damage to a Man's C6 Corvette

His Corvette instantly started making a strange noise, and Lozano says he knew something was wrong before he made it home.

That’s when he discovered the car was leaking. “So what the fan caused, it caused the radiator to mess up and it moved everything out of place,” he said.

While he’s having the car repaired to the tune of $800 for parts and labor, Lozano is borrowing cars from family and friends.

He’s upset that such a large pothole had not been repaired by the city.

[VIDEO] This Texas-Sized Pothole Caused $800 Damage to a Man's C6 Corvette

“I was just amazed at its size,” he said. “There’s no way something that big can go unnoticed, especially by the city,”

He says he already pays taxes and registration fees for the Corvette and shouldn’t have to pay for the damage he blames on the city.

City officials reached out to Channel 5 News and said they conduct preventative road maintenance throughout the year, but that rain events can cause potholes that must dry out before repairs can begin. They urged any citizens with concerns to file a work order by calling 546-HELP and promised that crews will check out the problem within 72 hours.

If the video isn’t loading in the player, you can see it at krgv.com


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  1. So let me see if I fully understand this issue. We have the ability and technology to send people to the moon, have them walk around then bring them back to earth but we can’t builds roads that can last without getting holes in them after it rains! Anybody who would think otherwise must have the IQ of room temperature!

  2. Standard size pothole for New England. Usually a pothole hit here does a minimum of $1,000 damage for a new tire and rim. Thats why some people in the area stay away from the Z51 package. It is amazing that potholes like that are common on major roads here. Sometimes takes a week to repair. I have a stash of orange traffic cones I use if I notice a pothole that isn’t fixed after a few days I put a cone in them. Sad to go by the same pothole day after day and see people having their blown tires changed. Disgraceful!! Nice AO C6 there. Hope there is no more hidden damage.

  3. Welcome to the wonderful roads in CA where we have as many potholes as stupid laws. Pot holes like this are seen every single day…usually at less than 15mph due to all traffic/transplants in the Bay Area. Hit one of the man eaters going slightly over the speed limit (passing of course) out on South I5 at Lost Hills area. Blew out both passenger side tires. Had to replace 2 wheels and ended up with 4 new tires for an unexpected $3,800.

  4. Yes potholes are a huge problem here in Michigan also but we were told @ The Ron Fellows driving school to NOT drive your car in track mode on the street, tire and wheel damage most likely will be a grand or more, I thought this was good info from the pro’s !

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