[PIC] Slide Refers to C8 at Corvette Racing Dinner


[PIC] Slide Refers to C8 at Corvette Racing Dinner

Corvette Racing held its annual West Coast dinner on Saturday evening during its stop at Laguna Seca. The event has become well-attended over the years with members from the Corvette Racing and production teams coming together with fans for food, fun, and of course, Corvettes!

With this year’s dinner being attended by Corvette chief engineer Tadge Juechter as well as plant manager Kai Spande, expectations were high that maybe some news was coming on the next generation Corvette street and race cars would be forthcoming.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and so the questions about the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette continue.

And speaking of questions, check out this slide that was shown at the beginning of the question and answer period.

Corvette “watchers” will see right off the bat that the team used that “C8” name again in an official setting.

Since the mid-engine was first spied two years ago, enthusiasts have debated whether or not this would be called the C8 while the “front engine” crowd has maintained that only another FE car could be the C8. The other part of the C7/C8 debate is whether or not C7 will continue once the MEs start production. I know this conversation may sound silly to some, but the debates on the forum continue.

But here again is Chevy using “C8” as the name of the car they will not discuss. It’s a rare moment from the team which has been very guarded with enthusiasts about the new Corvette. This may also indicate we are indeed getting closer to an announcement.

Earlier this year in response to set-up question, Corvette product manager Harlan Charles joked during the Corvette Racing dinner at the NCM Bash that the C8 would race when they were done with the C7. GM’s Mark Reuss also used C8 during the Corvette ZR1 ride and drive at Road Atlanta. He had remarked that they were “very proud of what’s going to happen on C8” when addressing a group of journalists.

So the debates continue and questions remain unanswered, but I think we are getting closer to officially designating the Mid-Engine Corvettes as C8.

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