GM Trademarks the Mid-Engine Corvette Name of ZORA Across the World…Including China!


GM Trademarks the Mid-Engine Corvette name of ZORA Across the World...Including China!

It looks like the flow of information from Government sources from around the world are helping Corvette enthusiasts pinpoint potential markets for the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette. We recently detailed some of the new aero techologies found from the US Patent Office. Previously, official trademark registrations filed by GM have long pointed to the name of “ZORA”, in honor of first Corvette chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov who championed a mid-engine Corvette design for nearly his entire career at GM.

The last we heard on the trademark scene was that final approval for a trademark in Australia for the Corvette’s crossed-flags badge. It had previously been delayed as Aussie officials complained of the crossed-flags too closely resembling the official Red Cross seal.

Here’s an new update on the trademark front and it sure looks like GM is keeping their trademark lawyers busy! A member of the named “Quinten” tells us that he’s found the ZORA trademark everywhere. Here’s what he writes:

A dozen minutes spent looking up trademarks can go a long way. GM has trademarked ZORA, spelt (sic) in capital letters only, in a plethora of countries worldwide. The United States, United Kingdom, European Union, China, Japan, Korea, and Australia are the most notable countries/unions in which the trademark is registered.

This could very well be nothing more than a precautionary measure on GM’s part in the case that they decide to offer ZORA in International markets. However, an image(below) was included in the Chinese and Korean ZORA trademark files and it may reveal the font in which this name is represented on the vehicle and in marketing campaigns.

Sure enough, we went looking for the Chinese registration and found it here:

China Trademark for ZORA

We reached out to some font gurus who believe this ZORA is Times New Roman. Most likely not the font that will be used for any badging.

Quinten also suggested that maybe GM would use a stylized version of Zora’s signature which is very recognizable in the hobby. Here’s Zora’s signature as an example:

Zora's signature

I for one am really hoping the ZORA name is presented somehow on the C8 mid-engine Corvette. Zora worked tirelessly to build a production mid-engine sports car and it would be a great way to recognize and introduce the first chief engineer to a whole new fan base.

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