[VIDEO] Leroy the Savage Vette Kart Action at LS Fest


[VIDEO] Leroy the Savage Vette Kart Action at LS Fest

Youtube star Cleetus McFarland took a C5 Corvette and turned it into “Leroy the Savage” – the twin-turbo, stick-shift Vette Kart capable of running 7’s in the quarter mile. Cleetus and Leroy were in Bowling Green over the weekend for Holley LS Fest 2018. The event finals were rained out on Sunday, but Leroy the Savage was able to make several 8-second runs during the competition.

This video from blown64vette on YouTube captured Leroy the Savage in action:

Leroy the Savage was the talk of the town at Holley LS Fest 2018, laying down some serious numbers in the Stick Shift class. Cleetus McFarland rolled into Bowling Green with a brand new Texas Speed-prepared bullet. With conservative boost levels, the goal was to make it A to B and see where they could start adding power.

With hot temperatures and a few other hiccups, Leroy didn’t get into the 7’s, but did lay down an impressive 8.27 at 175 miles per hour. Had it not rained out Sunday’s drag racing eliminations, we may have seen a 7-second pass. This car is an animal and has a lot left in the new combination.

blown64vette / YouTube

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