[ACCIDENT] 1977 Corvette Crashes into an Illinois Chiropractor’s Office


[ACCIDENT] 1977 Corvette Crashes into an Illinois Chiropractor's Office

Photo Credit: Marissa Weiher/Monroe Times

It’s not every day you see the rear end of a white 1977 Corvette sticking out of the side of a building.

But that was the scene Wednesday morning in Monroe, Wisconsin, where 69-year-old Larry R. Mann of Winslow, Illinois, penetrated the side of the Onsrud Chiropractic Clinic with his Corvette.

We wonder if he got an adjustment after the accident?

The crash occurred at 9:32 a.m. at 404 West 10½ Street. Patients were inside the chiropractor’s office at the time, and some minor injuries were reported to officers – though as of Wednesday afternoon, the extent of those injuries was unknown, authorities said.

We do know there was “extensive damage” to the Corvette and the building, according to news reports, and a Monroe building inspector is helping determine the extent of the destruction to the office.

No word on whether Mr. Mann was injured in the crash, nor why he crashed the Corvette into the building.


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