[VIDEO] Defeating Gravity Trailer – Wingsuit vs Corvette Z06 with Oliver Gavin


[VIDEO] Defeating Gravity Trailer - Wingsuit vs Corvette Z06 with Oliver Gavin

Earlier this week we told you about the There is something coming…”.

If you had guessed that the stunt featured Oliver in a Corvette Z06 racing a man in a wingsuit down the side of a mountain, you would have been correct. We got it right, but only because we know how to read the tea leaves hashtags!

We did some digging and this is actually a Chevrolet Europe stunt to promote Corvettes in Germany. A special website has been set up that allows you to guess who will win the race. However, to register for the sweepstakes that offers the winner a “fully accompanied Corvette racetrack weekend”, the official rules say you got to live in Germany.

I like Oliver’s odds in this contest and it’s not because we know the contest is sponsored by Chevrolet Europe. There is a countdown clock running on the website and so we are looking at Monday for the winner (and the full video) to be revealed. In the meantime check out the trailer for Wingsuit vs Corvette Z06:

Here is that Instagram post from Oliver Gavin that appeared earlier this week.

Chevrolet Europe / YouTube

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