[PIC] What is Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin Up To Now?


What is Corvette Racing's Oliver Gavin Up To Now?

Photo Credit: Oliver Gavin / Instagram

Check out this cryptic Instagram post this morning from Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin who says “There is something coming…”.

My first impression was “Nurburgring!” but then when you look at the hashtags, he specifically says #Z06, #CorvetteVsWingsuit and #DefeatingGravity.

He also hashtags #ChevroletEurope in the Instagram post and judging by the snow/ice on top of the car and the windows fogged over, it looks cold there too. My guess is a Corvette Z06 vs Man in a wingsuit racing down the Alps. This should be fun…

Oliver Gavin / Instagram

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