[STOLEN] Thieves Steal a Vietnam Veteran’s 1962 Corvette From a Tulsa Storage Facility


[STOLEN] Thieves Steal a Vietnam Veteran's 1962 Corvette From a Tulsa Storage Facility

Okay, Internet. Time to go to work. Let’s see if we can help spread the word about this stolen Corvette and other priceless heirlooms taken from a family in Oklahoma.

According to a post on craiglist, thieves broke into a self-storage facility in Tulsa, OK., and made off with a black 1962 Corvette owned by Vietnam Veteran. The combat veteran was a member of the 101st Airborne who has owned the car since he returned from the war. Unfortunately, the story gets worse. Not only did the brazen thieves steal the Corvette, but they also stole the man’s service medals as well as a Silver Star given to his father for his service in World War II.

The family says the stolen items are sacred and are hoping for any help in recovering the car. A reward is also being offered:

Someone stole my dads 1962 Corvette out of our storage facility (Keyport Self-Storage 10 W 71st Street Tulsa), while he’s been on vacation. My father is a Vietnam Veteran, 101st Airborne, combat veteran and received this corvette upon his return from service. They stole his medals as well as his father’s Silver Star from World War II. These items are sacred to our family. e would like this car returned. Please share and contact me if you’ve seen this car or have information of its whereabouts.

[STOLEN] Thieves Steal a Vietnam Veteran's 1962 Corvette

If you have any information about the stolen 1962 Corvette, please contact Crimestoppers in Tulsa at (918) 596-COPS.

Craigslist via Corvette Action Center

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  1. If they ever do catch those fucking useless pieces of human puke, there is no fucking way they should be allowed to live! They should be viciously executed on site. If it were up to me I’d throw them into a wood chipper feet first!

  2. I’m a VN-era Veteran. Those medals can be replaced.I hope the family realizes that. This is such a sad story

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