The Corvette Is America’s Most Loved Premium Coupe and Convertible


The Corvette Is America's Most Loved Premium Coupe and Convertible

C7 owners don’t really need a survey to know how much they love their Stingrays.

But it’s still nice to get confirmation from an outside source that the Corvette coupe and convertible again have been chosen by their owners as the Most Loved Vehicles in America for 2017.

It’s the third straight year the coupe has taken this honor for the Premium Coupe class, and the ragtop has earned the highest rating in the Premium Convertible division in 2015 and 2017, losing only in 2016 to the Audi A5.

We don’t know the scores for other vehicles in these two divisions, but we do know that the Corvette coupe racked up 603 points and the convertible did even better with 644 points in this latest survey. Those totals were the highest scores among all the class winners for cars in 2017 – no other car scored in the 600s – so it looks like we can say for sure that Corvette owners love their cars more than anybody else in America.

Ninety days after they had bought their new car, truck or SUV, the poll – conducted by Strategic Vision – questioned 34,000+ Americans about their new cars that had been purchased between October 2016 and April 2017.

How do you quantify how much someone loves their car? Well, over the past 40 years, Strategic Vision has developed metrics that quantify those emotions under their Edwards Commitment Scale as part of their Customer Love Index, which includes responses like “I hate it” to “I love it” to “Satisfied” in the middle.

“By using a scale that incorporates the natural language of the customer we have the best tool to predict future behavior when it comes to advocacy, loyalty and sales,” says Alexander Edwards, president of Strategic Vision.

That love translated into the Corvette being the most loved car in America, coupe or convertible, and the second most popular vehicle overall behind the Tesla Model X SUV (662 points).


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