Simeone Museum to Showcase the Original 1963 Corvette Grand Sport #002 at July 22nd Demo Day


Simeone Museum to Showcase Original #002 Corvette Grand Sport at July 22nd Demo Day

Photo Credit: Simeone Museum

Want to see one of the five real 1963 Corvette Grand Sports in action?

The Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in Philadelphia will be featuring Ford vs Chevrolet at is July Demo Day on Saturday, July 22 at the Museum.

The Grand Sport Roadster, wearing the number 12 and campaigned originally by George Wintersteen, is one of the cars featured. The others include the Ford GT40 Mk II, Boss Mustang, Corvette 427 Roadster and Bill Elliott’s NASCAR Ford Thunderbird.

Simeone Museum to Showcase Original 1963 Corvette Grand Sport #002 at July 22nd Demo Day

The Grand Sport is just one of two roadsters and one of the five that Zora built. Had the plan been approved, another 125 would have been built for FIA homologation. Due to GM’s support of the AMA racing ban, the program was ended and the cars were provided to various racing teams during the day including Roger Penske, Delmo Johnson Jr, and of course, George Wintersteen.

The Simeone Museum has showcased the Grand Sport before and luckily there is a really cool video of the No. 002 Roadster roaring around a wet parking lot with the Shelby Daytona Cobra. You just have to appreciate the folks at the Simeone who know these cars need exercise!

The Ford vs Chevy Demo Day at the Simeone Museum is Saturday, July 22nd from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Tickets can be purchased at


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  1. I was present for the Corvette Racing Weekend at the Simeone Museum last October and in addition to seeing the Grand Sport in action, I also had the opportunity to chat at length with George Wintersteen himself, a fine gentleman. If you have not gone to see the collection, it should be at the top of every car enthusiast’s list of places to go!

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