Increase Your Corvette’s Stopping Power with DBA Brake Rotors from Southern Car Parts


Increase Your Corvette's Stopping Power with DBA Brake Rotors from Southern Car Parts

Looking to add more stopping power to your Corvette? Our friends at Southern Car Parts are featuring a special this month on DBA Brake Rotors for C5-C7 Corvettes.

DBA Brake Rotors are available from Southern Car Parts in two different configurations, either as a mid-series upgrade to the OEM rotors (4000 series) or as a performance upgrade (5000 series) that will provide your Corvette with unmatched stopping power.

Designed for the performance street and motorsport enthusiast, DBA brake rotors feature Thermal Stability Profiling for improved heat handling. This unique process provides greater thermal stability than standard street discs. Greater thermal stability allows your discs to take more heat, making them more stable under heavy braking for longer. TSP also means improved brake pad and disc rotor life, and delayed brake fade.

Also unique to DBA Rotors, Thermo-Graphic paint markings are used for effective heat monitoring which change color at specific temperature thresholds. By monitoring the markings, drivers can check their braking performance quickly and easily.

DBA’s brake rotors are sold in pairs and are available for C7 Z51 and Base Stingrays, C6 Z06, Z51 and Non-Z51 uses as well as C5 Z06 and base configurations. The rotors are an exact match for OEM equipment and can easily be installed without any additional components or modifications to your Corvette.

If you’ve done any mods to your Corvette’s performance, make sure you also address how you’re going to stop! DBA Brake Rotors from Southern Car Parts is your answer!

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